Picture postcard ca. 1910 depicting the Oura-Sagarimatsu Bund. The white building on the 
left is the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank Nagasaki Branch. The Nagasaki branch was closed 
in 1931. Acquired by Nagasaki Prefecture in 1940, the building was converted into a police 
station and later a museum. It is preserved today as a National Important Cultural Asset.   

The building on the right in the Nagasaki Hotel. Built in 1898 and heralded as one of the 
finest Western-style hotels in the Far East, the Nagasaki Hotel prospered at first but later 
suffered with the decline in visitors to Nagasaki in the wake of the Russo-Japanese War of 
1904-05 and the economic depression of the early 1920's and finally closed in 1924. The 
building was demolished soon after. Run your cursor over the photograph for a look at the 
site today.