The People of the
Nagasaki Foreign Settlement

The following is an alphabetical list of residents of the Nagasaki Foreign Settlement 
collected from a variety of sources, such as the lists of people buried in the international 
cemeteries of Nagasaki, annual directories of Far East ports, and member/employee lists of 
related organizations and companies. To jump to the appropriate letter, click one of the 



Stefano Abate (Italian) [private foreign language teacher, Hinode Hotel]
F. Abegg (German) [Grosser & Co.]
William Abercrombie (American) [consul, U.S. consulate]
A. Abolin (Russian) [seaman, died in Nagasaki]
Rice Abraham (British) [Takashima Colliery]
George H. Ackerman (British) [superintendent, Nagasaki Roller Flour Mill Co.]
Alice Kate Adams (British) [daughter of M.C. & Mary Lee Adams]
Mary Louisa Adams (British) [first wife of M.C. Adams]
Mary Lee Adams (British) [second wife of M.C. Adams]
Matthew C. Adams (British) [compradore, Moore, Davis &Co.; C. Cherry & Co.; Maltby & Co.;
M.C. Adams & Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
Matthew C. Adams, Jr. (British) [M.C. Adams & Co.; China & Japan Trading Co.; Carr, 
Adams & Co.; Holme, Ringer & Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
Gerda Pedersen Adams (British) [wife of M.C. Adams. Jr.]
Robert Adams (British) [Nicolson & Boyd; Boyd & Co.]
Julius Adrian (German) [Adrian & Co.; consul, Belgian consulate; vice-consul, U.S. consulate]
Theodore Adrian (German) [Adrian & Co.; chairman, Municipal Council]
A. Agresti (Italian) [sausage manufacturer, A. Agresti & Co.]
Heinrich Ahrens (German) [H. Ahrens & Co.]
Alexander Air (British) [manager, Sailor's Institute]
Mrs. Alexander Air (British) [innkeeper, Temperance Hall]
A.D. Aitken (British) [surveyor, Lloyd's Register of Shipping]
G. Aitken (British) [Powers & Co.]
Richard Aldham (British) [government botanist,, Commercial Hotel]
H. Alfred (British) [photographic artist]
R. Alexander (British) [shipping clerk, British consulate]
William Allanson, Jr. (British) [clerk, Alt & Co.]
Arthur G. Allen (British) [ship's officer; buried in Nagasaki]
Arthur H. Allen [China & Japan Trading Co.]
Beatrice J. Allen (British) [missionary, CMS]
Belle J. Allen (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui]
Hugh A. Allen (American) [warrent officer, U.S. Army Depot]
J.W. Allen (American) [lot renter]
John Allen (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
G.A.F. Allibon (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.]
Joseph Allin (American) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Maria E. Allworth (British) [missionary, CMS]
A.F. D'Almeida (Portuguese) [Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank; buried in Nagasaki]
Antonio M. D'Almeida (Portuguese) [Holme, Ringer & Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
M.A. Almeida (Portuguese) [Adams & Co.]
Elizabeth C. Alt (British) [wife of W.J. Alt; lot renter]
William J. Alt (British) [Alt & Co.]
Esther R. Altman (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui]
Henry Ambruster (French) [missionary, SMEP]
V. Amelunxen, Mrs. [proprietor, Nagasaki Hotel]
John B. Amies (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
C. Edward Amuat (American) [physician; vice-consul, U.S. consulate; buried in Nagasaki]
C.S. Andersen (Danish) [superintendent, Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
Julius Andersen (Norwegian) [ship's captain, Nagasaki Whaling Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
L.C.C. Andersen (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
A.B. Anderson (British) [Hongkong & Shanghai Bank]
B.W. Anderson (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.]
G. Anderson (British) [surveyor, Lloyd's Register of Shipping]
George Anderson (British) [harbor pilot; Lake & Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
J. Anderson (British) [J. Wilson & Co.]
John Anderson (American) [coal inspector, U.S. Army Depot]
John Anderson (American) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
John H. Anderson (British) [superintendent of godowns, Dent & Co.; storekeeper]
Peter Anderson (American) [buried in Nagasaki]
James Andrews (British) [seaman; buried Nagasaki]
R. Andrews (British) [boiler maker, Nicolson & Boyd]
Walter Andrews (British) [missionary, CMS]
T. Anger, Miss [Central Hotel]
H. Elgin Angier (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.; Ginsburg & Co.]
T. Hoyes Anglea (American) [instructor, Nagasaki Higher Commercial School]
V. Ankerstjern (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
Adolphus A. Annesley (British) [packing agent, consul, British consulate]
Mary E. Anson (American) [missionary in China; buried in Nagasaki]
A.G.N. Apalhoff (Russian) [sub-agent, Russian Volunteer Fleet]
G.H. Ardron (British) [Hong Kong Shanghai Bank]
Alexander S. Arnold (American) [instructor, Japanese government school]
Charles A. Arnold (British) [physician; vice-consul, U.S. consulate; buried in Nagasaki]
D.W. Arnold (American) [quartermaster, U.S. Army Depot)]
Robert Arnold (British) [R. Arnold & Co.]
P.E.L. Arnvig (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
R. Arthur [English instructor, Japanese Middle School]
L. Arvin-Berod (French) [missionary, SMEP]
John Ash (British) [buried in Nagasaki]
Adella M. Ashbaugh (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui]
Arkadi Askoff (Russian) [secretary, Soviet consulate]
J.C. Assembroek (Dutch) [Akunoura factory]
William G. Aston (British) [interpreter, consul, British consulate]
Edward Auger (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
L. de St. Aulaire (French) [missionary]
R.M.P. Austin (British) [secretary, Nagasaki Club]
George Avent (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Christian Axelson (American) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Frank Aylwin (American) [yeoman, U.S. Naval Depot]
N.P. Azbeleff (Russian) [agent, Russian Volunteer Fleet]


Edward G. Babbit (American) [son of Ellwood Babbit; buried in Nagasaki]
Ellwood G. Babbit (American) [quartermaster, U.S. Army Depot]
William Bach (American) [clerk, U.S. Naval Depot]
H. Baggar (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
H. Bahr (German) [L. Kniffler & Co.]
Jacob Baidack (Russian) [infant son of proprietors, Cosmopolitan Inn; buried in Nagasaki]
James W. Baird (British) [assistant, Holme, Ringer & Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
William Baird (American) [merchant]
A.F. Baker (British) [Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank]
Daniel F. Baker (American) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
E. Carlton Baker (American) [consul, U.S. consulate]
Thomas S. Baker (British) [agent, Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank]
Augustine G. Balmes (French) [wife of Henri Balmes; buried in Nagasaki]
Edouard Balmes (French) [son of Henri Balmes; Boulangerie Francais]
Francois J.B. Balmes (French) [merchant; buried in Nagasaki]
Henri Balmes (French/Japanese) [son of Francois Balmes; Boulangerie Francais; Nagasaki 
Hotel; manager, Hotel de France]
Marie [Yamamoto] Balmes (Japanese) [wife of Francois Balmes; buried in Nagasaki]
Louise Bangs (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui]
Michael Banks (British) [harbor pilot; M.C. Adams & Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
Joseph M. Barbe (French) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Katherine [Kate] Barff (British) [proprietor, Cliff Field Hotel; buried in Nagasaki]
Samuel Barff (British) [former civil service employee in China; buried in Nagasaki]
Walter B. Barker (American) [quartermaster, U.S. Army Depot]
Edward Barrett (British) [butcher, compradore, Oriental Hotel]]
James Barron (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
James H. Barry (American) [clerk, U.S. Naval Depot]
William W. Barry (American) [paymaster, U.S. Naval Depot]
Jacque Barth (French) [missionary, SOM/Kaisei]
Henry Bartlett (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Augusta S. Barton (British) [buried in Nagasaki]
Thomas Bary (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Caterina Bassi (Italian) [buried in Nagasaki]
David L. Bassis [infant; buried in Nagasaki]
Ferdinand Bastian (German; buried in Nagasaki)
Garrit Batteke, Jr. (Dutch) [proprietor, Belle vue Hotel; buried in Nagasaki]
PetrusJ. Batteke (Dutch) [Textor & Co.]
Albertus J. Bauduin (Dutch) [Netherlands Trading Society; consul, Dutch/Swiss/Danish    
Antonius F. Bauduin (Dutch) [physician]
L. Baumann (French) [missionary, SOM/Kaisei/SMG]
C. Bavink (Dutch) [merchant]
Bonham W. Bax (British) [ship's captain; buried in Nagasaki]
John Baxter, Jr. (American) [quartermaster, U.S. Army Depot]
Bindo Bay [proprietor, Belle Vue Hotel; president, Kyushu Mining Co.]
Emily Bay [proprietor, Belle Vue Hotel; wife of B. Bay]
R.J. Baylay [steward, Occidental Family Hotel]
P.F. Beaton (British) [mechanical engineer, Takashima Colliery]
I.M. Beauchamp (American) [China & Japan Trading Co.]
Thomas Beaver (American) [hotel proprietor]
F.M. Bechtel (British) [Clarkson & Co.]
Frank T. Beckwith (American) [missionary, MEC/Chinzei]
Mary Bedford (British) [mother-in-law of missionary Henry Evington; buried in Nagasaki]
Robert J. Bedford (British) [father-in-law of missionary Henry Evington; buried in Nagasaki]
Thomas Bedwell (British) [Alt & Co.]
Martin S. Beel (American) [tavern proprietor; buried in Nagasaki]
George Bell (British) [shipwright, Bell & Co.]
A. Bellavina (Italian) [dealer in stockinet machines, A. Bellavina & Co.]
J. Bellows [accountant, Pacific Mail Steam Ship Co.]
H. Bendixsen (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
Ten Bengteck [Benjamin Teck?] (British) [Pacific Mail Steam Ship Co.]
Charles Bennett (American) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Lewis J. Bennett (American) [coal inspector, U.S. Army Depot]
Walter G. Bennett (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.]
J. Bercowich (British) [Queen Saloon; Globe Tavern; International Bowling Saloon]
J.S. Beresford (British) [miner, Takashima Colliery]
S. Berez [Blain, Tate & Co.]
E. Berg (German) [Kunst & Albers]
Julius Bergau (German) [godown keeper, L. Kniffler & Co.]
Francois Berger (French) [Imperial Government Manufacturing Section]
J. Van Berkem (Dutch) [ship chandler & compradore, J. Van Berkem & Co.]
P. Bernardi (Italian) [pastry cook & wine merchant; proprietor, Bernardi Hotel]
Edith M. Bernau (British) [missionary, CMS]
R. Bernhardt [godown keeper, J.U. Smith & Co.]
R.H. Berring (American) [engineer, died in Philippines; buried in Nagasaki]
Samuel Berry (British) [mercantile assistant, Blaine, Tate & Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
Carl L.J. Bertram (German) naval officer; buried in Nagasaki]
F.X. Bertrand (French) [missionary, SMEP]
Charles R. Berwick (American) [buried in Nagasaki]
J.N. Besier (Dutch) [merchant, Hartmans & Besier]
T.W. Beukema (Dutch) [physician]
Thomas Bezer (British) [proprietor, London Tavern; Snug Tavern; buried in Nagasaki]
William N. Bickham (British) [silk inspector in China; buried in Nagasaki]
C.F. Billie (Dutch) [buried in Nagasaki]
Anna L.V. Bing (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui]
John F. Bingham (American) [naval engineer; buried in Nagasaki]
Charles J. Birch (American) [hotel worker, Oriental Hotel]
John M. Birch (American) [consul, U.S. consulate]
H.J. Bird [instructor, Nagasaki Higher Commercial School]
Joseph Birkett (American) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
C.M. Birnie (British) [Browne & Co.]
L. Birnie (British) [Browne & Co.]
Margaret M. Birnie (British) [wife of C.M. Birnie]
William Birt (British) [lot renter]
Charles Bishop (American) [missionary, MEC/Chinzei]
E.M. Bishop (British) [Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank]
F.M. Bjergfelt (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
D.H. Black [Blake] [China & Japan Trading Co.]
Emily M. Blackburn (British) [wife of Dr. Herbert Blackburn; buried in Nagasaki]
Herbert Blackburn (British) [physician; vice-consul, U.S. consulate]
Chales Blackmore (British) [butler, Alt & Co.]
David B. Blaikie (British) [superintendent, Japanese Patent Slip]
Friede Blanc (Austrian) [buried in Nagasaki]
Joseph Blanghet (French) [soldier; buried in Nagasaki]
Jean-Baptiste Blanquart (French) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Frederick Blatchley (British) [merchant]
Albert Bletzacker [Bretzacker] (French) [missionary, SOM/Kaisei]
Matt Blick (American) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Ester Blumenthal [infant; buried in Nagasaki]
W. Blumerkamp [proprietor, Britannia Inn]
George Blyth (British) [engineer, Mitsubishi; buried in Nagasaki]
T.L. Boag (Australian) [missionary, ABM; newspaperman, Rising Sun and Nagasaki Express]
Jean Boe (French) [buried in Nagasaki]
Joana Boe (French) [wife of Jean Boe; buried in Nagasaki]
Carl E. Boeddinghaus (German) [Textor & Co.; Boeddinghaus, Dittmer & Co.; Boeddinghaus & 
Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
Carl F. Boeddinghaus (German) [infant son of Carl E. Boeddinghaus; buried in Nagasaki]
E. Boehrer (French) [missionary, SMEP]
F.L.W. Nering Bogel (Dutch) [Tategami Shipbuilding Yard; commission agent]
J. Boher [Nagasaki Hotel]
Eugene Bohlens (German) [Eugene Bohlens & Co.]
William Bohlens (German) [Eugene Bohlens & Co.]
Hermann Bohmeyer (German) [Grosser & Co.]
F. Bois (French) [missionary, SMEP]
J. Bois (French) [missionary, SMEP]
C. Bojessen (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
Alexander G. Bollman (Russian) [agent, Russian East Asiatic Steam Ship Co.]
M. Bonafoux (French) [baker, Thomas & Bonafoux]
H.A.C. Bonar (British) [consular official, British consulate]
Georges Bonhameaux (French) [infantry captain; buried in Nagasaki]
Emilion Bonnaud (French) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Francois Bonne (French) [missionary, SMEP]
M. Bonnecaze (French) [missionary, SMEP]
Spencer R. Bonnell (American) [instructor, Japanese Government School]
W. Bonner [W. Tullet, Ship & Engine Smith]
M. Bonnett (French) [missionary, SMEP]
Jacob de Boom (Dutch) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Emilie Booth (American) [missionary, RCA]
Eugene S. Booth (American) [missionary, RCA]
Fer. R.C. Borioni (Italian) [examiner Chinese Maritime Customs; buried in Nagasaki]
Margarita Borioni (Italian/Japanese) [daughter of F.R. and Chiyo Borioni; buried in Nagasaki]
Maria [Chiyo] Borioni (Japanese) [wife of F.R. Borioni; buried in Nagasaki]
J. Bornholdt (Russian) [agent, Rex Whaling Co.]
Andrew Borodin (Russian) [sailor; buried in Nagasaki]
H. Bosma (Dutch) [Netherlands Trading Society]
Sebastiano Bottaro (Italian) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Andre Boucly (French) [merchant; vice-consul, French consulate; buried in Nagasaki]
Maki Boucly (Japanese) [first wife of Andre Boucly; buried in Nagasaki]
Toku Boucly (Japanese) [second wife of Andre Boucly; buried in Nagasaki]
L.H. Bouige (French) [missionary, SMEP]
R. Boulter (British) [acting consul, British consulate]
G.C. Bouman [Clarkson & Co.]
F.A. Bourelle (French) [missionary, SMEP]
Gabriel Bourhis (French) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
R. Bousema (Dutch) [Lake & Co.; Hansard & Co.; proprietor, New Amsterdam Hotel]
Ad. Bovenschen (Prussian) [Textor & Co.]
Frank W. Bowden (American) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Mark Bowen (British) [policeman]
Augustus J. Bowie (American) [consulting engineer, Mutabe Coal Co.]
Robert I. Bowie (American) [physician; secretary, Nagasaki Club; St. Bernard Hospital; buried 
in Nagasaki]
G.M. Boyd (British) [Nicolson & Boyd]
L. Boyer (French) [missionary, SOM/Kaisei]
W. Boylan (British) [surveyor, Lloyd's Register of Shipping]
Amy Bozier (British) [daughter of George Bozier; buried in Nagasaki]
George W. Bozier (British) [proprietor, London Tavern; Ocean Tavern; Holme, Ringer & Co.; 
Jardine, Matheson & Co.; Belle Vue Hotel; Hunt & Co.; Wright & Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
Philippus Braacx (Dutch) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
H.G. Bradford (American) [manager, Standard Oil of New York)]
Charles T.W. Braess [Gaymans & Co.]
Filomeno Braga (Portuguese) [newspaper editor, Nagasaki Express]
Luiz M. Braga (Portuguese) [daughter of F. Braga; buried in Nagasaki]
V.E. Braga (Portuguese) [bookkeeper, Takashima Colliery]
W. Bramsen [Bamsen] (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
Lily Brand [buried in Nagasaki]
W. Brandenburg (Dutch) [Akunoura factory]
Elizabeth Brandram (British) [missionary, CMS; sister of J.B. Brandram)]
John B. Brandram (British) [missionary, CMS]
Peter Brass (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Henry S. Breen (American/Japanese) [Medical Hall; son of John and Yoko Breen]
John Breen (American) [pilot, Smith, Breen & Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
Yoka [Elizabeth] Breen (Japanese) [wife of John Breen; buried in Nagasaki]
I.J. Bremer [Fulton Market Butchery]
F.X. Brenguier (French) [missionary, SMEP]
John J. Brennan (British) [compradore's assistantt, Alt & Co.; Grosser & Co.; buried in 
W. Brent (British) [Browne & Co.]
M.J. Breton (French) [missionary, SMEP]
Hyacinth Briant (French) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
John Brice (British) [buried in Nagasaki]
John Brien (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Jacques Briffaut [Briffant, Briffon] (French) [proprietor, Restaurant de L'Union; buried in 
Raymond W. Briggs (American) [quartermaster, U.S. Army Depot]
Arthur Bristow (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Branche Brittain (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui]
Michael Broderick (American) [proprietor, Oriental Hotel]
Mary E. Brokaw (American) [missionary, RCA]
Alexander van Bronkhorst (American) [missionary, RCA]
Leander Brooks (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Charles W. Brough (American) [clerk, U.S. Army Depot]
Alexander Brown (British) [buried in Nagasaki]
John Brown (American) [James Cavanaugh; Lake & Co.; proprietor, Bank Exchange]
John Brown (British) [constable; buried in Nagasaki]
William J. Brown (British) [Glover & Co.; Takashima Colliery; proprietor, Imperial Hotel; buried 
in Nagasaki]
Henry St. John Browne (British) [Browne & Co.]
Georges Bruhl (French) [soldier; buried in Nagasaki]
Glen W. Bruner (American) [missionary, MEC; vice-consul, U.S. consulate; treasurer, 
Seamen's Home; president, American Association of Nagasaki]
Joseph Bruinier (American) [Case & Co.; China & Japan Trading Co.]
George E. Bryant (British) [compradore; Royal George Hotel]
Julius Bryner (American) [Walsh & Co.; Walsh, Hall & Co.; Fischer & Co.]
Pierre L. Bucaille (French) [quartermaster; buried in Nagasaki]
H.D. Buchanan (British) [surveyor, Lloyd's Register of Shipping]
Percy J. Buckland (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.]
Alice Budge (British) [wife of James Budge; died in Nagasaki]
James Budge (British) [Evans & Co. (Medical Hall); manager, J. Curnow & Co.]
I.T. Buhonkoff (Russian) [storekeeper, Russia Store]
L.A. Bullard (British) [Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank]
H. Bulteau (French) [missionary, SMEP]
George Bunker (American) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Edward Burbidge (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Edward Burdett (British) [master mariner, Glover & Co.]
W. Burger (Dutch) [merchant]
E. Burmeister (British) [Glover & Co.]
H. Burns (American) [Lake & Co.]
Henderson Burnside (British) [missionary, CMS]
Louis Burtin (French) [soldier; buried in Nagasaki]
Hermann Busch (German) [Boeddinghaus, Dittmer & Co.]
J. Busck (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
L. [J.?] Busker [police officer, Umegasaki Police Station]
R. Buttmann (German) [interpreter, German consulate]
W.B. Buyers [English instructor, Nagasaki Commercial School]
Louis Buys (French) [merchant]
George C. Byng (British) [Samuel, Samuel & Co.; buried in Nagasaki]


Rowland J. Cain (British) [ship's captain; buried in Nagasaki]
John F. Calder (British) [engineer, Boyd & Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
R. Caldwell [physician]
Francis Calies (British) [buried in Nagasaki]
John Cameron (American) [Standard Oil of New York]
Richard W.H. Campbell (British) [proprietor, Commercial Hotel; buried in Nagasaki]
William Canning (American) [merchant]
A.L. Cardoza (Portuguese) [newspaperman, Nagasaki Express]
Martin C. Carlsen (American) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
C. Carlson (British) [Bell & Co.]
E. Carlson [Russo-Chinese Bank]
Frans A. Carlson (Swedish) [cable foreman in China; buried in Nagasaki]
Alexander Carnduff (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.; manager, John P. Carr & Co.]
James B. Carnduff (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
John P. Carr (British) [general agent, John P. Carr & Co.; Carr, Adams & Co.]
E.A. Cartensen (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
William Carter (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
C. Cartmer (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.]
Almon R. Case (American) [Case & Co.]
Andrew Case (American) [Case & Co.; vice-consul, U.S. consulate]
Thomas Cassidy (American) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
H.G. Del Castillo (Spanish) [consul, Spanish consulate]
William Catto (British) [commission agent, Glover & Co.]
E. Cavaignac (French) [missionary, SMEP]
James C. Cavanaugh (American) [pilot, Stevenson & Co.]
Bernard Cavarrot (French) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
William T. Caw (American) [Commercial Hotel; steward, Walsh & Co.]
Guillaume Cazier (French) [musician; buried in Nagasaki]
Pierre Le Cerf (French) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Rinaldo Cervelli (Italian) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
E. Chaix (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.]
A.M. Chalmers (British) [acting consul, British consulate]
A. Chapedelanie (French) [missionary, SMEP]
Hubert M. La Chapelle (Dutch) [merchant; buried in Nagasaki]
F. Charbonnel (French) [manager, Charbonnel & Co.; vice-consul, French consulate]
J. Charnaux (French) [missionary]
Laura Chase (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui]
Jules Chatron (French) [missionary, SMEP]
Marius Chazal (French) [soldier; buried in Nagasaki]
George Cheapapols (Greek under Portuguese protection) [Express Tavern; Peel & Co.]
John C. Cheetham (British) [captain, Takashima Tug Boat]
C. Chenz [boiler maker, C. Chenz & Co.]
C. Cherry, (American) [C. Cherry & Co., Boiler Makers & Blacksmiths]
Augustine Chevalier-Lavaure (French) [wife of R. Chevalier-Lavaure; buried in Nagasaki]
Rene Chevalier-Lavaure (French) [J. Gaillard Jeune & Co.; proprietor, Hotel de France]
Eugene A. Chisholm (British) [engineer, Takashima Tug Boat]
F.B. Christensen (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
Holger Christensen (Danish) [son of T.A. Christensen; buried in Nagasaki]
J.P. Christiansen (Danish) [supervisor, Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
Thorvald A. Christensen (Danish) [barge master, Nippon Yusen Kaisha]
P.H.L. Christensen (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
S. Howard Church (American) [Walsh & Co.]
J.P. Cinjee (Indian) [ship's steward; buried in Nagasaki]
James Clancy (American) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
John D. Clark (Australian) [missionary, ABM; newspaperman, Rising Sun and Nagasaki
J.S. Clark (British) [naval architect, Mitsubishi]
Stewart G. Clark (British) [assistant, Russo-Chinese Bank]
E.A. Clarke (British) [manager, Seaman's Home]
H.W. Clarke (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.]
James S. Clarke (American) [quartermaster, U.S. Army Depot; president, American
Association of Nagasaki]
David M. Clarkson (British) [porter, Cliff House Hotel]
D.C. Claud [Lake & Co.]
Johan F. Claus (American) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
W.B. Clayton (American) [agent, American Trading Co.]
Thorton Clayton (British) [merchant]
Mary Cleary (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui]
Alfred J. Clode (Australian) [missionary, ABM; newspaperman, Rising Sun and Nagasaki
S.G. Clouk [Russo-Chinese Bank]
Harriet S. Cochram (British) [missionary, CMS]
Mary A. Cody (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui]
W. Coffee (American) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
T.A. Coen [merchant]
Philip Cohen (British)
Abraham J. Cohn (Romanian) [son of S. Cohn]
S. Cohn (Romanian) [merchant]
L. Colding (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
John Cody (British) [Blatchly]
Robert C. Coleman (American) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
T. Coleman (American) [coal inspector, U.S. Army Depot]
Charles Collins (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Charles Collins (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Joseph Collins (British) [R. Arnold & Co.; auctioneer]
George J. Colthrup (British) [clerk, Frazar & Co.; Maltby & Co.]
John C. Combaz (French) [missionary, SMEP]
E.L. Conan (British) [proprietor, Central Hotel]
T. Conder [assistant, Powers & Co.]
James P. Conn (British) [resident of Hong Kong; buried in Nagasaki]
C. Connenty [A. Kassburg & Co.]
A. Conort (French) [baker]
Alexander Constant [proprietor, Star Inn]
Albert Cook (British) seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Lawrence Cook (American) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
M.H. Cook (American) [proprietor, Smith's Hotel/Cook's Hotel; sailmaker]
A.E. Cooper (British) [agent, Jardine, Matheson & Co.]
F.P. Cooper (British) [Taylor, Cooper & Co.]
Charles J. Corcoran (British) [English professor; buried in Nagasaki]
J.M. Corre (French) [missionary, SMEP]
Jean M Corlay (French) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Luiz Correa (Portuguese) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Irvin C. Correll (American) [vice-consul, U.S. consulate)
Irvin H. Correll (American) [missionary, MEC/Chinzei]
Will H. Correll (American) [missionary, MEC/Chinzei]
J.C. Corry (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Ralph Cory (American) [vice-consul, U.S. consulate]
A.M. Corti [proprietor, Oriental House]
Aug. Coste (French) [missionary, SOM/Kaisei]
J. Coste (French) [missionary. SMEP]
P. Cotrel (French) [missionary, SMEP]
Helen Couch (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui]
Sara M. Couch (American) [missionary, RCA/Umegasaki; buried in Nagasaki]
Jean A. Couder (Canadian) [J.P. Hyver & Co.; Powers & Co.; proprietor, Restaurant 
Francais; secretary & treasurer, Nagasaki Bowling Club; buried in Nagasaki]
T. Coulter [Nagasaki Hotel]
H.A. Courtney (British] [agent, Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank]
Jules A. Cousin (French) [missionary, SMEP; bishop of Nagasaki; buried in Nagasaki]
Charles Coutret (French) [missionary; instructor, Nagasaki Higher Commercial School]
Alice M. Cox (British) [missionary, CMS]
J.F. Cox-Edwards (British) [Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank]
James Coyle (American) [barkeeper; buried in Nagasaki]
Nicholas Cravel [proprietor, White House Saloon]
E. Craw (American) [merchant]
R. Crawford (British) [surveyor, Lloyd's Register of Shipping]
Johan Crevich [John Anderson] (Austrian) [Jardine, Matheson & Co.; Glover & Co.; 
proprietor, St. Petersburg Hotel/Universal Saloon; buried in Nagasaki]
Mary Crevich [Mary Anderson] (Austrian) [proprietor, Salon de Paris; buried in Nagasaki]
Ursula Crevich (Austrian) [daughter of Johan and Mary Crevich; buried in Nagasaki]
W. Crichton [ship's captain]
Charles Cromie (British) [merchant at Shanghai; buried in Nagasaki]
David Crowe (British) [foreman carpenter, Mitsubishi]
Thomas Crudington (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
W. Cullingford (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki (Nezumi Island)]
Frederick Cunningham (American) [hotel worker]
Joseph Cunningham (British) [merchant; buried in Nagasaki]
K. Cunningham, Mrs. [proprietor, Singapore Tavern; San Francisco Saloon]
Sarah O. Curry (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui]
W. Curth [Germania Inn]
G. Curtis (British) [Glover & Co.]
J. Curtis [proprietor, Army & Navy Hotel]
W. Curtis (British) [clerk, Mitsubishi]
Raymond S. Curtice (American) [consul, U.S. consulate]
Donker Curtuis (Dutch) [consul, Dutch consulate]
R. Cushing [dental surgeon]
C. Czarnewsky (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]


M.J. Dadeler (Dutch) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
J. Dainty (British) [foreman moulder, Mitsubishi]
August L. Dall (Danish) [chief officer, Japanese ship; buried in Nagasaki]
H. Dallmier [W.D. Wentworth & Co.]
Thomas Daly (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
William J. Damson (American) [instructor, Commercial School; YMCA]
Carl M. Danstadt (German) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Flora Darrow (American) [missionary, RCA/Tozan]
A.A. Davis (American) [English instructor, Tozan]
Dee G. Davis (American) [vice-consul, U.S. consulate]
Dwight A. Davis (American) [instructor, Nagasaki Higher Commercial School]
J. Merle Davis (American) [foreign secretary, YMCA]
John W. Davis (American) [Davis & Moore; Lake & Co.; J. Davis & Co.; vice-consul, U.S. 
consulate; buried in Nagasaki]
Lois Davis (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui]
D. Davies (British) [overseer, Takashima Colliery]
J. C. Davieson (British) [clerk, Nippon Yusen Kaisha]
W. S. Davieson [pilot]
A. Davison [employee, International Hotel]
Charles S. Davison (American) [missionary, MEC/Chinzei; son of John and Elizabeth Davison]
Elizabeth S. Davison (American) [missionary, MEC; buried in Nagasaki]
John C. Davison (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui/Chinzei; buried in Nagasaki]
Mabel Davison (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui; daughter of John and Elizabeth 
J. Dees [instructor, Nagasaki Higher Commercial School]
Albert Deiber (French) [missionary, SOM/Kaisei/SMG]
Carl F. Deichman (American) [consul, U.S. consulate]
L. Delbourgo [A. Saphiere & Co.]
Mauritz Van Delden (Dutch) [consul, Danish & Belgian consulates; Adrian & Co.; Van Delden 
& Co.]
F.C. Delmes (French) [missionary, SMEP]
Nathan H. Demarest (America) [missionary, RCA]
Anna Denbigh [Moritaka Teshi] (Japanese) [wife of George Denbigh; buried in Nagasaki]
George Denbigh (Russian) [merchant; buried in Nagasaki]
Lisa Denbigh [Gordon] (Russian/Japanese] [daughter of George and Anna Denbigh; buried in 
John Denby (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
William DeNeill (American) [vice-consul, U.S. consulate]
Walter Denning (British) [missionary, RCA]
Lewis M. Dent (American) [marshal, U.S. consulate]
C.W.N. Deny (British) [policeman]
Garniers Desbiens (French) [educational advisor, Franciscokai]
J.C. Deschler [Derchler] (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
David W. Deshler (American) [retiree; buried in Nagasaki]
F. Devenish (British) [Masonic Temple]
William H. Devine (British) [accountant, Mitsubishi; secretary & treasurer, Nagasaki Club; 
U.S. vice-consul; buried in Nagasaki]
P.F. Dewing (American) [accountant, Pacific Mail Steam Ship Co.]
W.H. Dickinson (British) [Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank]
John Dickson [Dixon] (British) [assistant superintendent, Akunoura Engine Works]
J.B. Dibling (French) [missionarySOM/SMG]
Ferd. Diers (German) [Diers, Hughes & Co.]
A. Diesing [Nagasaki Hotel]
Karl F. Dietrich (German) [buried in Nagasaki]
C. Dittmer (German) [merchant]
F. Dittmer (German) [Textor & Co.; Boeddinghaus, Dittmer & Co.]
Peter Doel (British) [policeman; Eureka Hotel; buried in Nagasaki]
John W. Doheney (British) [merchant]
L. Dombrowsky [assistant, Russo-Chinese Bank]
James W. Donald (British) [sailmaker, Browne & Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
K.W. Donald (American) [American Trading Co.]
Edmund J. Dorsz (American) [vice-consul, U.S. consulate]
Frank Doublin (American) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
William Douglas (British) [Alt & Co.; assistant Japanese Patent Slip]
Miles Dover [milliner]
James M. Dow (British) [Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank; M. Ginsburg & Co.]
Peter Dowdall (British) [resident of Shanghai; buried in Nagasaki]
G.H. Drew [carpenter foreman, Nicolson & Boyd]
A.A.S. Drewell (British) [proprietor, Belle Vue Hotel; ship & freight broker]
H. Drewer (American) [Lake & Co.]
Edwin K. Drinkhouse (American) [clerk, U.S. consulate]
F. Drouet (French) [missionary, SMEP]
Yeend Duer (French) [Henry Gribble & Co.; Nippon Yusen Kaisha; Takashima Colliery]
John Duffey (British) [soldier; buried in Nagasaki]
A. A. Dundas (British) [merchant]
W.E. Dunn (American) [acting agent, American Trading Co.]
A. Durand (French) [proprietor, Garibaldi Inn]
J.E. Durand (French) [missionary, SMEP]
Leon Dury (French) [consul, French Consulate; instructor, Japanese school]
Martha Duryea (American) [missionary, RCA/Umegasaki]
Oreste Dusseldorp (Dutch) [instructor, Nagasaki Higher Commercial School; buried in 
Hendrik G. Duurkoop (Dutch) [director, Dutch trading post at Dejima]
Edward H. Duus (Danish) [agent, Nippon Yusen Kaisha; secretary & treasurer, Nagasaki Club; 
Holme, Ringer & Co.; Browne & Co.]
John H. Duus (Danish/Japanese) [son of Edward Duus and his Japanese wife]


Joseph A. Eaton (American) [Standard Oil of New York; vice-consul, U.S. consulate]
G. Eddowees [proprietor, Prince of Wales Tavern; Clyde Tavern]
Paul M. Eden [physician]
Helena D. Edwards (British) [wife of R.C. Edwards; buried in Nagasaki]
R.C. Edwards (British) [agent, Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank]
Ronald K. Edwards (British) [naval chaplain; buried in Nagasaki]
C.E. de Eerens (Dutch) [N. Mess & Co.]
H. Effersoe (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
K. Egert (German) [clerk, German consulate]
Lebbeus Egerton, Jr. (American) [Frazar & Co.; R. Arnold & Co.]
Heinrich Eggert (German) [pilot; buried in Nagasaki]
Nicolai A. Egnoff (Russian) [secretary, Russian consulate]
John Eills (American) [instructor, Nagasaki College of Commerce]
Jimmy Eklundh (American) [son of C. Eklundh, seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
T.A.B. Eliasen (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
J. Elleder (Russian) [secretary, Russian consulate]
R. Elleder (Russian) [agent, Russian Volunteer Fleet]
J.R. Elliott (British) [Alt & Co.]
Mary J. Elliot (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui]
John Ellis (American) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
J. Elster (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
D.G. Emelianoff (Russian) [Russian Medical Hall]
Lloyd B. Emery (British) [instructor, Nagasaki Higher School of Commerce]
B. Emmerson [proprietor, Cosmopolitan Restaurant]
Ludwig Engelhard (American) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
A. Enquer (Russian) [Mess & Co.; died in Nagasaki]
James J. Enslie (British) [consul, British consulate]
George Ensor (British) [missionary, CMS]
Frank Epps (American) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Charles C. Erichsen (British) [buried in Nagasaki]
J.A. Erichsen (Danish) [superintendent, Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
Max G. Ernecke (German) [buried in Nagasaki]
Thomas Eskrigge (British) [Tatham & Co.]
Ary W. Van Ess (British) [Nagasaki retiree; buried in Nagasaki]
Kizue Van Ess (Japanese) [wife of A. Van Ess; buried in Nagasaki]
Joana Evans (American) [wife of William Evans; buried in Nagasaki]
Joseph H. Evans (British) [merchant]
H. Evans [instructor, Imperial Government Foreign Language School]
T. Evans [W.D. Wentworth & Co.]
William H. Evans (American) [proprietor, Medical Hall; Mutabe Coal Co.]
William H. Evans, Jr. (American) [son of W.H. Evans]
William Evans (British) [buried in Nagasaki]
Emma J. Everding (American) [missionary, RCA]
August Evers (German) [Sinar, Evers & Co.]
Henry Evington (British) [missionary, CMS]
F. Evrard (French) [missionary, SMEP]
W. Ewart (British) [Glover & Co.]
J. Eyk Vander (Dutch) [Tategami Shipbuilding Yard]
M. Ezekiel (British) [Sassoon & Sons]


James Fairfoul (American) [ship captain; buried in Nagasaki]
C. Falck (German) [godown keeper, L. Kniffler & Co.]
C. Falck (German) [physician)]
Jose A. Farias (British) [clerk, Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank]
Jose A. Farias (British) [son of J.A. Farias; buried in Nagasaki]
J.H. Farquharson [F.H. Hunt & Co.]
D. Farrell (American) [clerk, U.S. Naval Depot]
Elizabeth F. Farrington (American) [missionary, RCA]
Mary J. Farrington (American) [missionary, RCA]
C. Fatch (German) [L. Kniffler & Co.]
N.D. Fedoroff (Russian) [Holme, Ringer & Co.; agent, Chinese Eastern Railway Co.]
William Fegen (British) [editor, Rising Sun & Nagasaki Express]
W. Fehlen (German) [R.N. Walker & Co.; Kunst & Albers]
Vera J. Fehr (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui]
Bernard Felman (Austrian) [proprietor, Germania Bowling Saloon; Eureka Hotel; Central 
Lena Felman (Austrian) [proprietor, Eureka Hotel]
Jacob Feldstein (Russian) [proprietor, Britannia Inn; buried in Nagasaki]
Mary Feldstein (Russian) [proprietor, Villa Hotel; buried in Nagasaki]
J. Fens (Dutch) [Tategami Shipbuilding Yard]
F.F. Ferguson (American) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Carmell Fernandes (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
C. Ferrand (French) [missionary, SMEP]
E.E. Ferrari (Italian) [Bicycle Store]
C.J. Ferreira (Portuguese) [Pacific Mail Steam Ship Co.]
P. [J.?] Ferrie (French) [missionary, SMEP]
E. Feuer [S.D. Lessner & Co.]
Franklin Field (American) [Field & Co.]
J.W. Fielder [proprietor, Ocean Tavern]
H.V. [de] Figureido (Portuguese) [clerk, Jardine, Matheson & Co.]
Jose A. [de] Figureido (Portuguese) [Alt & Co.; Holme, Ringer & Co.]
Jose A. [de] Figureido (Portuguese/Japanese) [son of J.A. de Figureido and Uchida Taka; 
buried in Nagasaki]
Maria T. [de] Figureido (Portuguese/Japanese) [daughter of J.A. de Figureido and Uchida 
Taka; buried in Nagasaki]
John Findlay (British) [retiree; buried in Nagasaki]
Anna M. Fischer (Dutch) [wife of J.A.C. Gerlach; buried in Nagasaki]
E. Fischer (British) [Fischer & Co.]
George Fischer (French) [missionary, SOM/Kaisei]
Charles L. Fisher (American) [vice-consul, U.S. consulate; consul, Hawaiian consulate]
Frederick D. Fisher (American) [U.S. Army Transport; vice-consul & interpreter, U.S. 
F.O. Fisher (British) [secretary, Nagasaki Bowling Club]
J.J. Fisher (British) [Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank]
F. Fisk [J. Curnow & Co.]
Maurice Fitzgerald (American) [ship's carpenter, Fitzgerald & Co.]
John F. Fitzgibbon (British) [infant; buried in Nagasaki]
M. Fitzhenry (British) [Russo-Chinese Bank]
M. Flattring [proprietor, Hotel de Garibaldi]
H.M. Fleischer (Norwegian) [L. Kniffler & Co.; H.M. Fleischer & Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
I. Fleissig (American) [hairdresser, I. Fleissig & Co.]
Mary Fleissig (American) [daughter of I. Fleissig; buried in Nagasaki]
Louis H. Florent (French) [Imperial Government Manufacturing Section; Tategami Dock]
Marcus O. Flowers (British) [consul, British consulate]
Robert Foad (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Amasa S. Fobes (American) [Fobes & Co.]
Cornelius Fock (Dutch) [superintendent, Japanese hospital; buried in Nagasaki]
Fred. M. Fogle (American) [quartermaster, U.S. Army Depot]
A.A. Fonceca (Portuguese) [newspaperman, Nagasaki Express]
S. Fontaine [Case & Co.]
J. Fonteyne (Belgian) [Inglis & Co.; China & Japan Trading Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
Henry Fookes (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
John W. Ford (British/Japanese) [son of R.A. Ford and Sawa Chiwa]
Richard A. Ford (British) [R.A. Ford & Co.; reporter, Nagasaki Express, Nagasaki Gazette 
Cosmopolitan Press]
R.M. Ford (British) [proprietor, What Queen Bowling Saloon; Hoffman House]
James N. Forrest (British) [physician; buried in Nagasaki]
Ralph G.E. Forster (British) [assistant & interpreter, consul, British consulate]
Auguste Fouassa (French) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Eugene Fougeray (French) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Francis Fox (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Theodore P. Fraineau (French) [missionary, SMEP]
E. Frandon (French) [consul, French consulate]
George F. Frankish (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Douglas Frazar (American) [Frazar & Co.]
William H. Freame (British) [clerk, Mitsubishi Mail S.S. Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
Ira L. Fredenhall (American) [quartermaster, U.S. Army Depot]
R.F. Freeman, Dr. [instructor, Japanese Government School]
F.J. Freer (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.]
C.E. Freet (American) [manager, Standard Oil Co. of NY]
Wilton M. Freet (American) [son of C.E. Freet; buried in Nagasaki]
A.D. Weld French (American) [A.D.W. French & Co.]
Anna S. French (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui]
M. Fressenon (French) [missionary, SMEP]
P.H. Fricke [Frique] [Gaymans & Co.]
M. Sergey Friede [agent, Chinese Eastern Railway]
Lionel Friedeberg (British) [merchant]
Alice Frique (French) [lot renter]
James O. Fry [superintendent, Japanese government telegraph]
G. Fuchs (French) [vice-consul, French consulate]
Jean Fuchs (French) [Textor & Co.]
Moses Fuksman [Fuxman] (Russian) [proprietor, Oriental Bar]
Epperson R. Fulkerson (American) [missionary, MEC/chinzei; vice-consul, U.S. consulate]
Kate J. Fulkerson (American) [wife of E.R. Fulkerson; buried in Nagasaki]
Albert E. Fuller (British) [son of A.R. Fuller; buried in Nagasaki]
Albert R. Fuller (British) [missionary, CMS]
Robert Fuller (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
P.C. Fullert [Inland Sea pilot]
Elizabeth Fullerton (British) [millinery shop; wife of G. Fullerton]
George Fullerton (British) [millinery shop]
James A. Fullerton (British) [son of George & Elizabeth Fullerton; buried in Nagasaki]
Edward G. Furber (American) [harbor pilot; Lloyd's surveyor; barge master, Pacific Mail 
Steam Ship Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
William Furber (American) [harbor pilot; vice- consul, U.S. consulate]
Louis Theodore Furet (French) [missionary, SMEP]


Alfred F. Gabb (British) [retiree; buried in Nagasaki]
Teru Gabb (Japanese) [wife of Alfred Gabb; buried in Nagasaki]
B. Gabren (Russian) [manager, Restaurant Nagasaki (Russian Hotel)]
Conrad Gaertner (German) [merchant]
Joseph Gaessler (French) [missionary, SOM/Kaisei]
Aleksandr A. Gagarin (Russian) [consul, Russian consulate]
J. Gaillard [Jeune] (French) [storekeeper, J. Gaillard & Co.]
J. Gallerey (French) [missionary, SOM/SMG]
J.B. Galonnier (French) [missionary, SOM/Kaisei]
Julie Gambault (French) [proprietor, Cafe de France]
Owen Gannon (American) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Manuel Garcia (American) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Hamilton Gardner (British) [Bowne & Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
Kane Gardner (Japanese) [wife of Hamilton Gardner]
L.F. Garnier (French) [missionary, SMEP]
J.B. Gaschy (French) [missionary, SMEP]
William F. Gaymans (Swiss under French protection) [Italian consul; Gaymans & Co.]
A.J.C. Geerts (German) [physician]
S.E. Genet (French) [missionary, SOM/Kaisei]
C. George (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.]
Martha A. George (British) [tutor, Glover & Co.; sister of Thomas Glover; buried in Nagasaki]
Thomas B. George (British, proprietor Royal George Hotel)
James Gerard (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Johann Gerger (Austrian) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
J.A.C. Gerlach (Dutch) [Dummler & Co.]
A. Gerome (French) [missionary, SOM/Kaisei]
A. Gese (German) [H. Ahrens & Co.; Kunst & Albers]
Alfred Geuth [Gaymans & Co.]
William Geybold (German) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Jean [Jennie] M. Gheer (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui]
George B. Gibbons (British) [Pacific Mail Steam Ship Co.]
W. Gibbs (British) [merchant]
Henry Gibson (American) [proprietor, Express Hotel]
John Gibson (British) [lot renter]
Martin H. Gildemeister (German) [L. Kniffler & Co.]
G.Z. Gilfillan (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.]
Samuel Gilham (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
B. Gill (British) [assistant, Japanese Patent Slip]
Eugene H. Gill (American) [Browne & Co.]
Suma Gillespie (Japanese) [wife of T.C. Gillespie; buried in Nagasaki]
Thomas C. Gillespie (British) [retired master mariner]
J. Gillingham (British) [Alt & Co.]
John Gillion (American) [U.S. Army Transport; buried in Nagasaki]
Morris A. Ginsburg [Mess] (Russian) [Ginsburg & Co.]
Kuni Giroit (Japanese) [wife of Marcel Giroit; buried in Nagasaki]
Marcel Giroit (French) [buried in Nagasaki]
Antonio Glaochi (Italian) [employee, International Hotel; buried in Nagasaki]
J. Glasson [merchant]
H.S. Gleason (British) [Browne & Co.]
William H. Gleason (American) [assistant, U.S. consulate]
Alexander J. Glover (British) [Jardine, Matheson & Co.; Glover & Co.]
Alfred B. Glover (British) [Glover & Co.; Takashima Colliery; Gribble & Co.; Holme, Ringer & 
Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
James L. Glover (British) [Jardine, Matheson & Co.; Glover & Co.]
Thomas Berry Glover (British) 
Thomas Blake. Glover (British) [Jardine, Matheson & Co.; Glover & Co.; Takashima Colliery; 
buried in Nagasaki]
Tsuru Glover (Japanese) [wife of Thomas Glover; buried in Nagasaki]
S. Goberman [proprietor, International Bowling Saloon]
E.W. Goddard (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.]
H.S. Goddard (British) [Jardine, Matheson & Co.]
Harry Goff (American) [clerk, U.S. Naval Depot]
H. Goger (French) [missionary, SOM/Kaisei]
Jacob Gold (Romanian) [hotel proprietor]
Arthur M. Goldenberg (German/Japanese) [S.D. Lessner & Co.; son of Haskel Goldenberg]
Haskel Goldenberg (German) [tavern proprietor; Garibaldi Inn; Britannia Hotel; City of 
Hamburg Inn; Snugger Inn; Shamrock Inn; Travellers Inn; buried in Nagasaki]
Kita Goldenberg (Japanese) [wife of Haskel Goldenberg]
Lena Goldenberg (German/Japanese) [daughter of H. Goldenberg]
Abra[ha]m Goldman (American) [S. Goldman & Co.; proprietor, Gem Inn; British Queen 
Saloon; Commercial Inn; Ginsburg & Co.]
I. Goldman (Austrian) [M. Ginsburg & Co.]
J. Goldman (Austrian) [S. Goldman & Co.]
Israel Levy Goldman (Austrian) [M. Ginsburg & Co.]
Meier Goldman (Austrian) [son of S. Goldman; proprietor, British Queen Saloon; Clyde 
Meier Goldman, Jr. (Austrian) [storekeeper, M. Goldman & Co.]
Ramsay Goldman (Austrian) [son of Samuel Goldman; buried in Nagasaki]]
Samuel Goldman (Austrian) [storekeeper, S. Goldman & Co.]
G. Goldstein [M. Ginsburg & Co.]
Zeferino F.X. Gonsalves [buried in Nagasaki]
Eliza Goodall (British) [missionary, CMS]
James H. Goodchild (American) [father of Minnie Goodchild]
Minnie Goodchild (American/Japanese) [daughter of James Goodchild and Aikawa Sada; 
buried in Nagasaki]
Joseph K. Goodrich (American) [interpreter, U.S. consulate]
Auguste Gordes (French) [photographer, Gordes & Co.; baker, Nagasaki Bakery; buried in 
Henri E.M. Gordes (French) [storekeeper; photographer, Gordes & Co.; baker, Nagasaki 
Bakery; buried in Nagasaki]
Edward L.S. Gordon (British) [assistant & pro-consul, British consulate]
H. Gorman (British) [Alt & Co.]
Gustav Goudarreau (French) [consul, French consulate]
Pieter Goudswaard (Dutch) [Rising Sun Petroleum Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
P.G. Goudy (British) [bookkkeper in Shanghai; buried in Nagasaki]
Christophe Gourvenec (French) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Louis Gouzert [Gownert] (French) [constable, French consulate]
Abel A.J. Gower (British) [consul, British consulate]
E.H.M. Gower (British) [Takashima Colliery]
L. Gracy (French) [missionary, SMEP]
Walter J. Graham (British) [proprietor, Commercial Hotel]
H. Gramberg (German) [Kunst & Albers]
Alexander Grange (British) [master mariner; buried in Nagasaki]
J.G. Grant (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.]
R.W. Gratama (Dutch) [physician]
Hermann L. Grauert (Dutch) [merchant]
Andrew Gray (British) [buried in Nagasaki]
C. Gray [Hall, Holtz & Co.]
Merry C. Gray (American) [daughter of N. Gray; buried in Nagasaki]
N. Gray (American) [agent, Russian Volunteer Fleet]
Nicholas Gray (American) [son of N. Gray; buried in Nagasaki]
W.J. Gray [merchant]
F.C. Greatrex (British) [consul, British consulate]
A. Green [Globe Tavern]
Mary E. Green (British) [proprietor, Belle Vue Hotel; wife of Matthew Green]
Matthew Green (British) [consular official, British consulate]
Roger S. Greene (American) [interpreter & vice-consul, U.S. consulate]
John Gregoria (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Henry Gribble (British) [Gribble & Co.]
Annie Griffin (British) [missionary, CMS]
W. Grinter (British) [Takashima Colliery]
T.A.A. Groenervont (Dutch) [J. Schut & Co.; Lesent & Co.]
Baptiste Grombel (French) [soldier; buried in Nagasaki]
Arthur H. Groom (British) [Glover & Co.]
Francis A. Groom (British) [R. Arnold & Co.; Glover & Co.]
J. Henry Groos (Dutch) [Wachtels, Groos & Co.]
Edward Grosser (German) [Grosser & Co.]
Friedrick Grosser (German) [Grosser & Co.]
W. Gruenberg (Russian) [Russian Volunteer Fleet]
Ernestine Grunberg [Greenberg] (Austrian) [proprietor, Oriental Tavern; Temple Bar Inn; 
Britannia Tavern; Oriental Hotel; buried in Nagasaki]
H. Grundt (German) [secretary, German consulate]
William Grunseid (Austrian) [buried in Nagasaki]
J. Grute [Grote] (French) [missionary, SOM/Kaisei]
Francois Guena (French) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Andre Guistiano (French) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Catheen Gunsard (French) [buried in Nagasaki]
J.F. Gunsler [general storekeeper]
J. Guthleben (French) [missionary, SOM/Kaisei]
S. Forbes [F.?] Guy (British) [Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank]
James Gye (British) [pharmacist, Nagasaki Medical Hall]


J.R. Haase [manager, H. Keyserling & Co.]
Wilton Hack (Australian) [missionary; newspaperman, Rising Sun and Nagasaki Express]
A. Haegeli [Higli] (French) [missionary, SOM/Kaisei/SMG]
Charles Hagedorn (American) [general commission agent; Frielink & Co.]
C.H. Hagemeyer (German) [merchant; lot renter]
Olive R. Hagen (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui]
S. Hahn [manager, S. Hahn & Co.]
M. Haimovich [proprietor, London Hotel]
M.H.C. Halberg (American) [retired seaman]
P. Halbout (French) [missionary, SMEP]
George R. Haldane (American) [chief clerk, U.S. Army Depot]
Alexander Hall (British) [engineer, Takashima Colliery; buried in Nagasaki]
Charles T. Hall (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
J.C. Hall (British) [acting consul, British consulate]
G. Noel Hallett [refiner, Rising Sun Petroleum Co.]
A.M.D. Halligan (British) [buried in Nagasaki]
Vardra M. Hallman, Jr. (American) [warrant officer, U.S. Army Depot]
John Hammand (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
J. Handelman [M. Ginsburg & Co.]
Denis Handfied [vice-president, Franciscokai]
J.C. Hanning (British) [Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank]
Otto Hannis (German) [buried in Nagasaki]
P. Hans [boot & shoemaker, Soderquist & Co.]
Albert W. Hansard (British) [newspaperman, Nagasaki Shipping List and Advertiser]
A. Hansen (British) [foreman shipwright, J.F. Mitchell & Co.]
E.G. Hansen (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.]
F.[V.?] Hansen (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
Fritz Hansen (German) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
O.A. Hansen (Danish) [electrician, Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
S. Hansen (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
Walter Hansen (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
James Hardy (British) [Boyd & Co.]
Auguste Harmand (French) [proprietor, Belle Vue Hotel; buried in Nagasaki]
Auguste Harmand, Mrs. (French) [Les Grands Magasins du Printemps]
H.W. Harden (British) [assistant superintendent, Nagasaki Roller Flour Mill Co.]
W. Harper [coastal pilot]
Edward D. Harrington (British) [clerk, Takashima Colliery; buried in Nagasaki]
Thomas J. Harrington (British) [consul, British consulate]
Charles B. Harris (American) [consul, U.S. consulate]
Howard Harris (American) [missionary, RCA]
William Harris (American) [U.S. Naval Depot; buried in Nagasaki]
William Harris (British) [police force; buried in Nagasaki]
William Harris (British) [buried in Nagasaki]
Edward Harrison (British) [Blain, Tate & Co.; Jardine, Matheson & Co.; Glover & Co.]
Thomas H. Harrison (British) [Jardine, Matheson & Co.; Glover & Co.]
W.E. Harston (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.]
N. Harte (Dutch) [Tategami Shipbuilding Yard]
Oscar Hartmann (German) [Walsh & Co.]
V. Hartmann (German) [Lehmann & Co.]
W.L. Hartmans [Hartmans & Besier]
Jane Harvey (British) [missionary, CMS]
W. Harvey (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.]
Henry B. Haskell (British) [shipping clerk, Takashima Colliery]
Theodore Hasle (British) [buried in Nagasaki]
W. Hasskerl (German) [godown keeper, L. Kniffler & Co.]
David Hatter (American/Japanese) [son of J. Hatter]
James Hatter (American) [manager, Seaman's Home; buried in Nagasaki]
S. Hatter (Japanese) [wife of James Hatter; buried in Nagasaki]
James Haughy (British) [Belle Vue Hotel]
H.H. Hawkins (British) [steward, Nagasaki Club]
Peter B. Hawkins (American) [R. Arnold & Co.; Lake & Co.]
W. Hawles [boilermaker foreman, Nicolson & Boyd]
Charles W. Hay (British) [Boyd & Co.]
Drummond Hay (British) [secretary, Nagasaki Dramatic Corps]
Abram Healy (British) [ship's captain]
Hattie A. Healy (British) [daughter of Abram and Sarah Healy]
Albert F. Heard (American) [Heard & Co.)]
H. Heasen (German) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
P. Heath [Nagasaki Hotel]
Joseph Heco (American) [A.D.W. French & Co.]
M. Gerrit de Heer (Dutch) [merchant]
Merlo K.W. Heicher (American) [missionary, MEC/Chinzei]
J. Heitz (French) [missionary, SOM/Kaisei]
Frederick Hellyer (British) [Alt & Co.; Hellyer & Co.]
Thomas W. Hellyer (British) [Hellyer & Co.]
J.F. Hellwig (Dutch) [Akunoura factory]
Alexander W. Henderson (British) [clerk, Case & Co.; Inglis & Co.; China & Japan Trading Co.; 
buried in Nagasaki]
James Henderson (British) [physician in Shanghai; buried in Nagasaki]
James W. Henderson (British) [Case & Co.]
R.W. Henderson (British) [R.N. Walker & Co.]
A. Henry (French) [missionary, SOM/Kaisei]
H.V. Henson (British) [Jardine, Matheson & Co.]
O. Hentmaen (German) [merchant]
Samuel D. Hepburn (American) [Standard Oil of New York]
Charles Herbert (British) [buried in Nagasaki]
Edwin Herbert (American) [Marine Corps; buried in Nagasaki]
Leon Herbstein (Romanian) [buried in Nagasaki]
Otto C. Herhausen (Dutch) [Glover & Co.]
William W. Herndon (American) [warrant office, U.S. Army Depot]
M. Herner [English instructor, Japanese Middle School]
A.C. Heron (British) [surveyor, Lloyd's Register of Shipping]
Petio John Herrin (Russian) [lot renter]
Auguste Herve (French) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
O. Heuschel [manager, Club Hotel]
Benjamin N. Heustis [Lake & Co.]
A.E. Heuzet (French) [missionary, SMEP]
Charles W. Hewett (American) [buried in Nagasaki]
C.A. Hibberd [instructor, Nagasaki Higher Commercial School]
Edward Hickman (British) [buried in Nagasaki]
George Hicks (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
C. Hildebrand (German) [Grosser & Co.]
John Hill (British) [foreman boilermaker, Mitsubishi; buried in Nagasaki]
A. Hills (British) [agent, Jardine, Matheson & Co.]
James Hind (British) [chaplain, Episcopal Church (Nagasaki Seamen's Home)]
John L. Hines (American) [quartermastr, U.S. Army Depot]
Alice E. Hitch (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui]
Henry B. Hitchcock (American) [consul, U.S. consulate]
G.L. Hodges (British) [consular official, British consulate]
C. Pemberton Hodgson (British) [consul, British consulate]
Joseph Hoeflich [proprietor, General Store]
Willis G. Hoekje (American) [missionary, RCA/Tozan]
Martin Hoeksema (American) [missionary, RCA/Tozan]
Henry E. Hoey (British) [merchant]
Franz H. Hoffman (German) [buried in Nagasaki]
William Hoffman (Romanian/British) [Powers & Co.; Russian Volunteer Fleet; Oriental Hotel]
W. Hogen (British) [Bell & Co.]
M. Hoggvist (German) [Schmidt, Spahn & Co]
J. Holmblad (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
Edward Z. Holme (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.]
Ryle Holme (British) [Jardine, Matheson & Co.; Glover & Co.; Gribble & Co.; Holme, Ringer & 
Co.; agent, Jardine, Matheson & Co.]
E.H. Holmes (British) [acting consul, British consulate]
A. Holtz [Hall, Holtz & Co.]
Tsune Honda (Portuguese/Japanese) [daughter of Jean Madeira and Yamada Suma]
Charles F. Hooper (British) [Heard & Co.; acting agent, Jardine, Matheson & Co.]
J.R. Hooper (British) [Alt & Co.]
William Hooper (British) [proprietor, Medical Hall)]
I.M. Hornstein [M. Ginsburg & Co.]
S. Horounjeff (Russian) [Russian Volunteer Fleet]
Cedric E. Houben (Austrian) [buried in Nagasaki]
Hugo Houben (Austrian) [Holme, Ringer & Co.]
Antone Houlstman [hairdresser]
Walter Howard (American) [Cook's Hotel]
Gertrude Howe (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui]
Henry A. Howe, Jr. (American) [Walsh, Hall & Co.; Howe & Co.; Gribble & Co.]
Harriet M. Howey (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui]
W. Howles (British) [boiler maker, Nicolson & Boyd]
F.D. Huddlesten [Case & Co.]
Harold C. Huggins (American) [interpreter/vice-consul, U.S. consulate]
John Hughes (British) [merchant]
Percy T.M. Hughes (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Robert Hughes (British) [Jardine, Matheson & Co.; Diers, Hughes & Co.]
Frank C. Humphrey (American) [China & Japan Trading Co.]
F.H. Hunt (British) [chemist & druggist, F.H. Hunt & Co.]
Henry J. Hunt (British) [Alt & Co.]
Thomas Hunt (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
H. Hunter (British) [Boyd & Co.]
Della Iris Hunter-Brown (British) [missionary, New Zealand Church Missionary Association]
Yves M. Huon (French) [proprietor, Royal Oak Inn; Army & Navy Inn; Tivoli Inn; buried in 
Charles Huot (French) [Pignatel & Co.]
William Hurdle (British) [lighthouse keeper; buried in Nagasaki]
John Hutchings (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Arthur B. Hutchinson (British) [missionary, CMS]
H. Hutchinson [instructor, Nagasaki Higher Commercial School]
J. Hutchinson (British) [foreman carpenter, Mitsubishi]
John McF. Hyde (American) [major, U.S. Army Depot]
Jean P. Hyver (French) [general storekeeper; proprietor, Oriental Hotel; Navy Club & 


Carl Illies (German) [L. Kniffler & Co.]
B. Imaseng (French) [missionary, SOM/Kaisei]
Louisa Imhoff (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui]
D.D. Inglis [Inglis & Co.; China & Japan Trading Co.; chair, Municipal Council]
Richard F. Inman (British) [manager, Nagasaki Hotel; Holme, Ringer & Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
Rebecca L. Irvine (American) [missionary, RCA]
Robert W. Irwin (American) [Walsh & Co.]
Theodor Ivanoff (Russian) [buried in Nagasaki]
Christian Iwersen (German) [L. Kniffler & Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
Hermann Iwersen (German) [Schmidt, Westphall & Co.; consul, German, Russian and Swiss 


J.W. Jack (British) [tugboat commander, Takashima Colliery]
W. Jackson (British) [sub-manager, Nagasaki Press]
Frank Jacobs (American) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
G. Jacobs (British) [Adams & Co.; Powers & Co.]
William F. Jalland (American) [pharmacist, Medical Hall; buried in Nagasaki]
Denis Jamault (French) [missionary, SMEP]
Thomas A. James (British) [master mariner; buried in Nagasaki]
J.L. Jameson (British) [lot renter]
David E. Jamieson (British) [master mariner; buried in Nagasaki]
William Jamieson (British) [agent, Mitsubishi Steam Ship Co.]
F.G. Jansen (Dutch) [merchant]
John Jefferson (British) [meat house assistant]
Richard Jenkin (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.]
Benjamin Jennings (British) [tavern proprietor, Bank Exchange; Falcon Hotel; Gem Inn; 
buried in Nagasaki]
J.A.S. Jensen (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
K.J. Jensen (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
L.V. Jensen (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
R.C. Jensen (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
F. Jesselsen (German) [Holme, Ringer & Co.; son of J. Jesselsen]
Helene Jesselsen (German) [wife of J. Jesselsen; buried in Nagasaki]
Ingo B. Jesselsen (German) [H. Ahrens & Co.; secretary & treasurer, Nagasaki Football Club; 
son of Johann and Helene Jesselsen]
Johann Jesselsen (German) [ship's captain]
E.V. Jessen (Danish) [supervisor, Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
Gustav Jitz (Russian) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Cyp. Joanan (French) [J. Gaillard & Co.]
L. Joannes (French) [missionary, SOM/Kaisei]
H. Joergensen (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
A.F. John (American) [Standard-Vacuum Oil Co.]
H.W. Johns (British) [instructor, Nagasaki Higher Commercial School]
Charles Johnson [harbor pilot]
George Johnson (American) [lot renter]
Herbert B. Johnson (American) [missionary, MEC/Chinzei]
J.M. [J.A.?] Johnson (American) [instructor, Nagasaki Higher Commercial School]
John F. Johnson (American/Japanese) [son of J.J. Johnson and Morita Naka; proprietor, 
Japan (Johnson's) Hotel; W.D. Wentworth & Co.]
John J. Johnson (American) [tavern/hotel proprietor, Cosmopolite Hotel; Pacific Hotel; 
Board of Trade Tavern; Welcome Inn; Globe Tavern; Brooklyn Free & Easy; buried in 
J.W. Johnson [proprietor, Sung Hotel & Bowling Saloon]
Willard B. Johnson (American) [son of H.B. Johnson; buried in Nagasaki]
Winifred Johnson [instructor, Nagasaki Higher Commercial School]
P. Johnstone (British) [Glover & Co.]
E.C. Joly (French) [missionary, SMEP]
Alexander C. Jones (American) [consul, U.S. consulate
A.L. Jones (British) [surveyor, Lloyd's Registry of Shipping]
Edmond B. Jones (British) [agent, Mitsubishi Steam Ship Co.]
James Jones [secretary & treasurer, Nagasaki Club]
Vaughan Jones (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.]
Aage L. Jordan (Danish) [electrician, Great Northern Telegraph Co.; Holme, Ringer & Co.; 
buried in Nagasaki]
Fred Jordan (British) [buried in Nagasaki]
J.F. Jordan (American) [manager, Standard Oil of New York]
K. Jordan [Holme, Ringer & Co.]
K. E. Jordan (Danish) [wife of Aage Jordan; founder of Nagasaki Musical Association]
S. Joseph, Mrs. [proprietor, Globe Hotel; Globe Tavern; Central Hotel]
William Josling (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Andres de Jung (Dutch) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
N. Justesen (Danish) [assistant superintendent, Great Northern Telegraph Co.]


William Kagermann (German) [Alt & Co.]
Eugenie Kah (French) [infant daughter of Eugene Kah; buried in Nagasaki]
Carl C. Kalmberg (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
Aaron Kaplan [Kaplun] (Russian) [died in Nagasaki]
R. Karsberg (British) [Alt & Co.]
Minnochka Karukes (Russian) [buried in Nagasaki]
August W. Kassburg (German) [A. Kassburg & Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
H.W. Casteren van Kattendyke (Dutch) [naval instructor]
Stanislaus Kautzki (Polish) [proprietor, Hotel Antonetti]
M. [J.?]Kavanaugh (British) [instructor, Imperial Government Foreign Language School]
Martin Keating (American) [buried in Nagasaki]
Solomon M. Keeler (American) [purser, Pacific Mail S.S. Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
Elizabeth M. Keen (British) [missionary, CMS; instructor, Japanese Women's High School]
J.C. Keg (Danish) [Netherlands Trading Society]
John Kelly (American) [proprietor, Brooklyn House]
Allen Kennedy (British) [proprietor, plumbing, locksmith & machine works]
W. Kennedy [clerk, Japanese government telegraph]
T.F. Kennelley (British) [newspaper, Cosmopolitan Press; assistant, Custom House]
Mary Keppel (British) [wife of T. Keppel]
Thomas Keppel (British) [shipbuilder, Keppel & Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
Yves J. Kergoat (French) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Francois Kermarec (French) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Charles Kerr (British) [lot renter]
John A. Kerr (British) [Chinese Maritime Customs, Shanghai; buried in Nagasaki]
Edith L. Ketcham (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui]
Edward T. Kettle (British) [proprietor, Our House]
M.H. Keyserling (Russian) [agent, Pacific Whaling Co.]
Lola M. Kidwell (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui]
John Killeen (American) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
G. Killians [manager, Russo-Chinese Bank]
D.V. King (British) [newspaperman, Rising Sun and Nagasaki Express]
F.G. King (British) [R.N. Walker & Co.; Powers & Co.; F.G. King & Co.]
James King (American) [merchant]
K. King [manager, Nagasaki Hotel]
Michael King (American) [proprietor, Little Astor Hotel]
Willard de L. Kingsbury (American) [missionary, MEC/Chinzei]
C.B. Kinnes (American) [Standard Oil of New York]
G. Kircher (British) [constable, shipping clerk, British consulate]
T. Kiriloff (Russian) [newspaper expeditor, Voila]
M.N. Kirkemo (Danish) [electrician, Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
M. Kisseleff (Russian) [secretary, Russian consulate]
William C. Kitchin (American) [missionary, MEC/Chinzei]
J.C. Klein (German) [Hartmans & Besier]
J. Kleinpeter (French) [missionary, SMEP]
C. Klepsch (German) [H. Ahrens & Co.; Kunst & Albers]
L.S. Klerk (Danish) [supervisor, Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
K. Knapp [instructor, Nagasaki Higher Commercial School]
H. Kniffler (German) [L. Kniffler & Co.; De San & Co.; Raspe & Co.]
Louis Kniffler (German) [L. Kniffler & Co.]
Isaac A. Koch (German) [ship's captain; secretary, German consulate; buried in Nagasaki]
J.A. Koch (German/Japanese) [son of I.A. Koch and Yoshioka Hide]
J. Koehl (French) [missionary, SOM/Kaisei]
T. Koen [Nagasaki Hotel]
Anna W. Koeppe (German) [daughter of Carl Koeppe; buried in Nagasaki]
Carl Koeppe (German) [Raspe & Co.]
F.A.A. Kofod (Danish) [retired ship's captain; buried in Nagasaki]
Take Kofod (Japanese) [wife of F. Kofod; buried in Nagasaki]
V. Kofod (Danish) [operator, Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
P. Kohn [S.D. Lessner & Co.]
Maximilian Kolbe (Polish) [missionary, Franciscans]
Wilhelm Kolling (German) [secretary, German consulate, Shanghai; buried in Nagasaki]
Frederick Kolvig (Danish) [superintendent, Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
L. Komaroff (Russian) [proprietor, Main Hotel]
H.K. Koning (Dutch) [Netherlands Trading Society]
M. de Koning (Dutch) [Tategami Shipbuilding Yard]
Emil Koonst (American) [ship's apothecary; buried in Nagasaki]
Jacob Koplowitz (German) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
W.C. Korthals (Dutch) [Netherlands Trading Society]
Vasilii I. Kostileff (Russian) [consul, Russian consulate]
C.H. Kragh (Danish) [superintendent, Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
J. Krauss (German) [secretary, German consulatre]
Frederick Krebs (German) [Walsh & Co.; Mitsubishi]
Walter W. Krider (American) [missionary, MEC/Chinzei; president, American Association of 
C. Kring (Danish) [electrician, Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
Carl Krummel (German) [Schmidt, Spahn & Co.]
N. Kulakoff (Russian) [merchant]
F. Kunge (German) [Kunst & Albers]
Tomisaburo Kuraba [T.A. Glover] (Japanese/British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.; managing 
director, Nagasaki Steamship Fisheries; buried in Nagasaki]
Waka Kuraba (Japanese) [wife of Kuraba Tomisaburo; buried in Nagasaki]
F.W.C.M. Kurth (German) [lot renter]
Hubert Kuyper (American) [missionary, RCA/Tozan]
Jennie M. Kuyper (American) [missionary, RCA; buried in Nagasaki]


M. Labastie (French) [Smith's Hotel]
G. Lagreve (French) ]missionary, SMEP]
David Laidman (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Edward Lake (American) [Lake & Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
Frederick B. Lake (American) [Lake & Co.]
George W. Lake (American) [Lake & Co.]
Lily Ito Lake (American/Japanese) [daughter of Edward Lake; buried in Nagasaki]
William Land (American) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
M. Landis (British) [M. Ginsburg & Co.]
Alonzoh Lane (American) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
W. Lang (British) [shipwright, Imperial Dockyard]
Carl Langberg (American) [Standard Oil of New York]
A.Bakegre de Lanlay (French) [ship commander; buried in Nagasaki]
H.A. Lannoy (Dutch) [Tategami Shipbuilding Yard]
Harriet M. Lansing (American) [missionary, RCA/Umegasaki]
Carrie B. Lanterman (American) [missionary, RCA/Umegasaki]
E. Lapage (British) [engineer, Nicolson & Boyd]
Lars J. Larsen (Danish) [married to Namise Sono]
Peter Larsen [Powers & Co.; C. Brown & Co.]
Ray M. Larsen (American) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Carl Larson (British) [buried in Nagasaki]
D. Lasschnit (Dutch) [merchant]
Joseph M. Laucaigne (French) [missionary, SMEP]
George W. Laug (American) [missionary, RCA/Tozan]
Heinrich W. Laught (German) [pilot; buried in Nagasaki]
Louis M. Laurie, Jr. (American) [president, American Association of Nagasaki]
W. Laverick (British) [Glover & Co.]
Leila Lawrence (American) [clerk, U.S. consulate]
Simeon F. Lawrence (British) [constable; buried in Nagasaki]
William C. Lawrence (American) [Walsh & Co.]
Yoshi Lawrence (Japanese) [wife of S.F. Lawrence; buried in Nagasaki]
H. Lawson [sub-manager, Seamen's Home]
R. de B Layard (British) [consul, British consulate]
John de Leacy (American) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Charles S. Leavenworth (American) [interpreter, deputy vice consul, U.S. consulate]
Jean Lebail (French) [soldier; buried in Nagasaki]
Yves LeBec (French) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
E. Lebedeff (Russian) [acting consul, Russian consulate]
E. Lebel (French) [missionary, SMEP]
J.P. Leboer [bootmaker]
Pierre Le Cerf (French) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
H. Lechstroh (German) [ship's captain; buried in Nagasaki]
Louis Lecostey (French) [buried in Nagasaki]
J.A. Ledertoug (Danish) [electrician, Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
L. Leduc (French) [missionary, SOM/Kaisei]
Irene E. Lee (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui]
John L.[C.?] Lee (British) [M.C. Adams & Co.; Maltby & Co.]
J.W. Leembruggen [Walsh & Co.; acting consul, Russian consulate]
W. Lees [harbor pilot]
Emil von Leesen (German) [L. Kniffler & Co.; consul, German consulate]
W.K.M. van Leeuwen van Duivenbode (Dutch) [physician]
F. Lehadney [piano & organ tuner & repairer]
Carl Lehmann (German) [engineer and shipbuilder]
Edward Lehmann (French) [missionary, SOM/Kaisei]
J. Leisecke (German) [Kunst & Albers]
J.L. Leith (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.]
J.M.L. Lemarechal (French) [missionary, SMEP]
J.E. Lemaire (French) [chancelier, French consulate]
F.P.M. Lemarie (French) [missionary, SMEP]
Thomas Lepper (American) [Walsh, Hall & Co.]
Joseph Leroux (French) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
J. Lesent (Dutch) [Lesent & Co.]
Hannah S. Lessner (Austrian) [mother of S.D. Lessner; buried in Nagasaki]
Leb [Leo] Lessner (Austrian) [synagogue official; father of S.D. Lessner; buried in Nagasaki]
Percy Lessner (Austrian) [adopted son of S.D. Lessner; Lessner & Co.]
Sigmund D. Lessner (Austrian) [proprietor, Tavellers' Inn; Eureka Hotel; S.D. Lessner & Co.; 
Nagasaki New Auction Mart; buried in Nagasaki]
Sophie Lessner (Austrian) [wife of S.D. Lessner]
Adolf D. Levy (French) [buried in Nagasaki]
Donna M. Lewis (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui]
George Lewis (British) [lot renter]
Willmott H. Lewis (British) [editor, Nagasaki Press]
William Lewis (British) [Rainbow, Lewis & Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
Robert R. Leys (British) [Rainbow, Lewis & Co.]
Joseph Lichtenberg [instructor, Nagasaki Higher Commercial School]
Rosa N. Lichterman (Russian) [buried in Nagasaki]
John Liggins (American) [missionary, PECUS]
Louis C. De Ligny (Dutch) [buried in Nagasaki]
J.H. Lind (British) [sub-agent, Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank]
George C. Lindau (German) [proprietor, Tennessee House; buried in Nagasaki]
Rudolph [Richard] Lindau (German) [Walsh & Co.; consul, Prussian consulate; Alt & Co.]
Jemima Linklater (British) [wife of Robert Linklater; buried in Nagasaki]
Leon G. Litofski [Litowski] (Polish) [proprietor, Hotel Antoinette]
J.W. Lloyd (British) [Bell & Co.]
William Lloyd (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Andrew Logan (American) [buried in Nagasaki]
Fernand Loisel (French) [soldier; buried in Nagasaki]
Carroll S. Long (American) [missionary, MEC/Chinzei]
W.M. Long (American) [clerk, U.S. Naval Depot]
Joseph H. Longford (British) [postal agent, consul, British consulate]
Samuel A. Lord (American) [ship's captain]
Richard Lorenz (German) [soldier; buried in Nagasaki]
S.K. Lothrop (American) [Walsh & Co.]
L. Louis (French) [missionary, SOM/Kaisei]
Alfred A. Loureiro (Portuguese) [N. Mess & Co.]
Antonio Loureiro (Portuguese) [Dent & Co.; newspaper proprietor, Nagasaki Gazette]
Jose Loureiro (Portuguese) [Dent & Co.; consul, Portuguese consulate; Jose Loureiro & Co.]
Edward W. Lovell (British) [buried in Nagasaki]
J. Frederick Lowder (British) [consular official, British consulate]
Julia M. Lowder (British) [wife of J.F. Louder]
Alfred Lowther (British) [ship's doctor; buried in Nagasaki]
Edward Lozey (British) [lot renter]
F.C. Lucas (Dutch) [Dutch East India Co.]
S.E. Lucas (American) [Standard Oil of New York]
Richard P. Luce (American) [buried in Nagasaki]
Gustav Lucia [Imperial Government Manufacturing Section
Cleofas Lucini (Italian) [wine merchant; bicycle merchant, Lucini & Co.; Kyushu Mining Co.]
Serra M. Lucini (Italian) [wife of C. Lucini; buried in Nagasaki]
V.J. Lugebil (British) [Browne & Co.; Russo-Chinese Bank]
D.A. Lukhmanoff (Russian) [agent, Russian Volunteer Fleet]
N. Lund (Danish) [electrician, Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
Niels Lundberg [Charlie Brown] (Swedish) [Alt & Co.; Holme, Ringer & Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
Anna Fuyo [Matsumoto] Lundholm (Japanese) [adopted daughter of Bernhard Lundholm; 
buried in Nagasaki]]
Bernhard Lundholm (Swedish) [pilot; buried in Nagasaki]
Axel Lundstrom (American) [soldier; buried in Nagasaki]
A. Lusteg [proprietor, Hotel de Garibaldi]
E. Lutterman [Holme, Ringer & Co.]
J.H. Lynch (British) [R.A. Ford & Co.]
Anton Lystad (American) [buried in Nagasaki]
S.E. Lyster (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]


Reginald C. Macdougall (British) [buried in Nagasaki]
Abbie C. Mack (American) [daughter of J.U. Smith; wife of Arthur Mack; buried in Nagasaki]
Alice M. Mack (British) [daughter of Abbie and Arthur Mack; buried in Nagasaki]
Arthur Mack (British) [husband of Abbie Mack]
Daniel J. MacGowan (American) [medical missionary in China]
Daniel Mackenzie (American) [ship's captain; buried in Nagasaki]
Kenneth R. MacKenzie (British) [Jardine Matheson & Co.; Glover & Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
J.H. Mackie (British) [proprietor, Occidental Family Hotel]
Angus F. Mackintosh (British) [ship's captain; buried in Nagasaki]
J.P. Mackintosh [Macintosh] (British) [acting agent, Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank]
J. Maclean (British) [acting agent, Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank]
Morgan Maclean (British) [merchant]
W. Maclean (British) [merchant]
Fergus E. Maconachie (British) [son of Rev. J.K. Moconachie, Hong Kong; buried in Nagasaki]
Alexander Macpherson (British) [ship's carpenter]
John D.Macpherson (British) [ship's engineer; buried in Nagasaki]
S.H. Madsen (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
John D. Mahon (British) [lot renter]
Claudine Maillet (French) [buried in Nagasaki]
Henry Main (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
F. Major (British) [Major & Co.]
John B. Major (British) [Major & Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
John Makins (American) [marshal, U.S. consulate; manager, Seamen's Home]
Andrew Malcolm (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Robert L. Malcolmson (British) [Howe & Co.; Malcomson & Co.]
Michael Maloney (American) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
John Maltby (British) [Maltby & Co.]
Samuel Maltby (British) [Maltby & Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
Victor Maltlair [tailor]
C.N. Mancini (Italian) [confectioner; proprietor, Belle Vue Hotel]
Josephine R. Mancini [later Drewell] (French) [wife of C.N. Mancini; proprietor, Belle Vue 
Edward S. Maney (American) [consul, U.S. consulate]
Willie P. Mangum (American) [consul, U.S. consulate]
W.H. Manley (British) [R.N. Walker & Co.]
J.C. Mann (British) [missionary, CMS]
John Manning (American) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Valentine Manning (British) [son of H.C. Manning, Hong Kong; buried in Nagasaki]
Stephen Manough (British) [buried in Nagasaki]
George S. Mansbridge (British) [diver, Mitsubishi; buried in Nagasaki]
Georgina Mansbridge (Japanese by birth/British citizenship) [adopted daughter of Henry 
and Elizabeth Mills; wife of George Mansbridge; buried in Nagasaki]
C.G. van Mansvelt (Dutch) [physician]
Juao G. Marino (Portuguese) [buried in Nagasaki]
Robert Marix (French) [Holme, Ringer & Co.; Russo-Chinese Bank; vice-consul, Russian 
Henri Marks (French) [soldier; buried in Nagasaki]
Henry Marks (American) [merchant]
F. Marmand (French) [missionary, SMEP]
E. Marmelstein [proprietor, Metropolitan Hotel]
J. Marshall (British) [engineer, Glover & Co.]
Alice K. Marston (British) [medical missionary in China; buried in Nagasaki]
Fredrick Marston (American) [merchant]
J.A. Marston (British) [newspaperman, Nagasaki Press; English instructor, Commercial 
School; shipping clerk, British consulate]
J. Martens (Dutch) [Netherlands Trading Society]
Alexis J. Martin (French) [soldier; buried in Nagasaki]
Henry W. Martin (British) [mining engineer, Takashima Colliery]
J.M. Martin (French) [missionary, SMEP]
John Martin (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
J.V. Martin (American) [teacher]
L.E. Martin (American) [instructor, Japanese Government School]
Louis Martin (French) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Pascal Martin (American) [yeoman, U.S. Naval Depot]
Truman M. Martin (American) [quartermaster, U.S. Army Depot; president, American 
Association of Nagasaki]
Jackus Mason (American) [warrant officer, U.S. Army Depot]
William B. Mason (British) [merchant]
M. Masse [clerk, Club Hotel]
John S. Massie (British) [godown keeper, Gribble & Co.; proprietor, International Hotel; 
buried in Nagasaki]
Margaret L.A. Matheson (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui]
J.F. Matrat (French) [missionary, SMEP]
Anna T. Matsumoto (Japanese/Swedish) [adopted daughter of B. Lundholm]
Hiro Matsumoto (Japanese) [wife of B. Lundholm; buried in Nagasaki]
Eliza Maundrell (British) [wife of H. Maundrell; buried in Nagasaki]
Herbert Maundrell (British) [missionary, CMS]
Aleksandr S. Maximoff [Maksimov] (Russian) [consul, Russian consulate]
J.H. Maxwell (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
C.W. May (British) [agent Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank]
Pauline May (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui]
James A. McAlpine (American) [missionary, RCA/Tozan; manager, Seamen's Home]
D. McArthur (British) [buried in Nagasaki]
Thomas McBain (British) [marine engineer, Shanghai; buried in Nagasaki]
D. McBride (British) [engineer, Glover & Co.]
Frederick C. McCallum (British) [brother of W.R. McCallum; buried in Nagasaki]
W.R. McCallum (British) [agent, Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank]
A.B. McClellan [physician]
R. McClure (British) [Imperial Government Telegraph]
David McComb (American) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
William McConnell (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.]
John McConochie (British) [ship's engineer; buried in Nagasaki]
John McCourt (American) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Jessie McDowell (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui]
A.F. McGlew (American) [manager, Standard Oil of New York]
Alice McKearney (American) [instructor, Denshin Gakko; wife of J. McKearney; buried in 
John McKearney (American) [instructor, City Commercial School]
Robert McKenzie (British) [senior partner, Holme, Ringer & Co.; died at Chofu]
R. McLaren (British) [sawyer, Glover & Co.]
John McLean (American) [saloon keeper]
H.A. McLean (British) [lot renter]
Morgan McLean (British) [merchant]
A.L. McLellan (British) [buried in Nagasaki]
James McMillan (British) [retired engineer, Penang; buried in Nagasaki]
T. Dalgiesh McMillan [MacMillan] [instructor, Nagasaki Higher Commercial School]
David McMurray (British) [ship's chief engineer, Jardine, Matheson & Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
John McNicoll (British) [ship's engineer; buried in Nagasaki]
James F. McQueeney (American) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Edward McSorley (British) [ship's surgeon; buried in Nagasaki]
Henry Meara (British) [merchant]
E.A. Measor (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.]
K. Mechlenburg (German) [consul, German consulate]
Ernest Meddler (American) [buried in Nagasaki]
H. Meier (Danish) [electrician, Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
J.T. Meijzel (Dutch) [merchant]
Mary E. Melton (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui; buried in Nagasaki]
Paul A. Menard (French) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Johan K. Merbook (Swedish) [Urso & Co.; died in Nagasaki]
A. Merrills (British) [Boyd & Co.]
J. Merrilles [Merrill] (British) [Nagasaki Hotel]
Adolf Mess (Russian) [son of Nathan Mess; buried in Nagasaki]
Marcus Mess (Russian) [Ginsburg & Co.; steward, Masonic Lodge]
Georg Mess (Russian) [N. Mess & Co.]
Nathan Mess (Russian) [curio merchant, N. Mess & Co.]
S. Mess (Russian) [N. Mess & Co.; S. Mess & Co.]
Alfred Metcalf (British) [ship's chief officer, NYK; buried in Nagasaki]
F. Mettler (German) [Schmidt, Spahn & Co.; Schmidt, Westphal & Co.]
T.P. Metman (Dutch) [merchant]
Paul Meunier (French) [soldier; buried in Nagasaki]
Franz Meyer (German) [ship's captain; Mitsui Bussan Kaisha; buried in Nagasaki]
A. Meyers [harbor pilot]
A. Michel (French) [proprietor, Lafayette Hotel]
R.A. van Middeldyk (Dutch) [proprietor, Belle Vue Hotel]
V. Mikhailoff (Russian) [secretary, Russian consulate]
Max Militzer (German) [Schmidt, Spahn & Co.; consul, Prussian consulate]
E. Carleton Miller (American) [interpreter & vice-consul, U.S. consulate]
Lewis D. Miller (British) [buried in Nagasaki]
Robert A.P. Miller (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
V. Miller (Danish) [lot renter]
S. Millership (British) [Takashima Colliery]
A. Millet (French) [ J. Gaillard Jeune & Co.]
Alice Mills (British) [daughter of H. Mills; buried in Nagasaki]
Elizabeth Mills (British) [wife of H. Mills; proprietor, Sherman Boarding House; buried in 
Ernest O. Mills (American) [missionary, SBC; president, American Association of Nagasaki]
Henry Mills (British) [proprietor, Falcon Hotel; London Tavern; Sherman House and Bowling 
Saloon; buried in Nagasaki]
W. Milne (British) [Alt & Co.]
A. G. Mink (American) [manager, Singer Manufacturing Co.]
Henry Minter (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Alphonse Mistler (French) [missionary, SOM/Kaisei]
Victor Miszek [Oriental Hotel]
Andrew Mitchell (British) [ship's captain]
George Mitchell (British) [ship's captain; J.F. Mitchell & Co.]
James F. Mitchell (British) [J.F. Mitchell & Co.]
James F. Mitchell, Jr. (British) [Nippon Yusen Kaisha]
William Mitchell (British) [ship's captain; J.F. Mitchell & Co.]
Gerald A. Mokma (American) [missionary, RCA/Tozan; director, Seaman's Home]
H. Moller (German) [secretary, German consulate]
J.P. Moller (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
Prudent Monfetti [president, Franciscokai]
Jean Baptiste Monpert (?) (French) [lote renter]
William Montgomery (American) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Alexander Mooney (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Boude C. Moore (American) [missionary, RCA/Tozan]
David L. Moore (American) [Moore, Davis & Co.; marshal, U.S. consulate]
Helen G. Moore (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui]
Joseph Moore [shipping clerk, Pacific Mail Steam Ship Co.]
Lewis "Joe" Moore [merchant]
Fridy V. Mordokhovich (Russian) [buried in Nagasaki]
William More (British) [buried in Nagasaki]
Edgar K. Morgan (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.]
E.A. Morphy (British) [editor, Rising Sun & Nagasaki Express]
T. Morris (British) [Imperial Government Telegraph]
George S. Morrison (British) [consul, British consulate]
H.M. Mortensen (Danish) [electrician, Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
G.R. Mosle (German) [clerk, H. Ahrens & Co.]
J. Mosner [Eureka Hotel; proprietor, Central Hotel]
George B. Mott (American) [ship's captain]
H.R. Mountifield (British) [China & Japan Trading Co.]
A. Mudra (German) [consul, German consulate]
A. Mudry (French) [missionary, SOM/Kaisei]
Anthony Mugulu (French) [missionary, SOM/Kaisei]
Hermann Muller (German) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
J.M.M. Muller (Dutch) [planter, Sumatra; buried in Nagasaki]
Matrose E. Muller (German) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
V. Muller (Danish) [electrician, Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
F.G. Mullerbeeck (German) [consul, German consulate]
F.L. Munson (American) [quartermaster, U.S. Army Depot]
John W. [W.H.?] Murbeck (Swiss) [Oriental Hotel; C.F. Urso & Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
Edward B. Murch (British) [buried in Nagasaki]
R. Murihovsky, Mrs. (Russian) [proprietor, Nagasaki House]
George Murphy (American) [Smith, Breen & Co.]
Alex Murray [harbor pilot]
Joseph Mustile (British) [buried in Nagasaki]
Francis G. Myburgh (British) [consul, British consulate]
Charles M. Myers (American) [missionary, RCA/Tozan]
F.W. Myers [police force]


J.T. Naan [bookkeeper, Chinese Eastern Railway Co.]
P. Nadel [Nagasaki Hotel]
Marie S. Nadesky (Russian) [infant; buried in Nagasaki]
A. Naftaly (German) [proprietor, Albion Inn; London Tavern; Commercial Tavern]
Bessie Naftaly (German) [daughter of A. Naftaly]
Harry Naftaly (German) [S.D. Lessner & Co.; son of A. Naftaly]
J. Naftaly (German) [proprietor, Hotel Metropole; Naval Club Hotel]
Lily Naftaly (German) [daughter of A. Naftaly]
R. Naftaly (German) [wife of A. Naftaly]
Catarina Urso Nakahara (Italian/Japanese) [daughter of C.F. Urso; buried in Nagasaki]
George Napalkoff (Russian) [dairyman, Napalkoff & Co.; stevedore]
H.F. Nash (American) [merchant]
Walter C. Nash (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
A. Naumann (German) [Textor & Co.]
Jean B. Neeson (British) [infant from Shanghai; buried in Nagasaki]
L. Neilsen (Danish) [electrician, Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
O. Neilsen (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
Luisa C. Nelson (Norwegian) [infant; buried in Nagasaki]
R.W. Nelson (British) [merchant]
W. Nelson [watchmaker]
A. Nestmann (German) [H. Ahrens & Co.]
Albert Neuman (American) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Frank Nevells [Nevills] (American) [Powers & Co.; deputy marshal, U.S. consulate; Nagasaki 
Hotel; compradore, F. Nevells & Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
Edwin L. Neville (American) [consul, U.S. consulate]
A. Newcomb (American) [Powers & Co.]
Avron S. Newman (American) [physician, Moji; buried in Nagasaki]
George B. Newton (British) [physician; buried in Nagasaki]
Annie Nicholson (American) [wife of Edward Nicholson; buried in Nagasaki]
Edward H. Nicholson (American) [proprietor, Oriental Inn; buried in Nagasaki]
J. Nicholson [Nagasaki Steam Laundry]
Carl Nickel (German) [R. Arnold & Co.; Nickel & Co.; hotel proprietor, Falcon Hotel]
Carl Nickel, Mrs. [hotel proprietor, Falcon Hotel]
Rudolph Nickel (German) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Andrew Nickle[s] [Nichols] (American) [constable, Municipal Council]
P.E. Nicolle (American) [Standard Oil of New York]
A.V. Nielsen (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
C.P. Nielsen (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
F.C.C. Nielsen (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
F.L. Nielsen (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
O. Nielsen (Danish) [acting superintendent, Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
Torger Nielsen (Norwegian) [engineer, Samuel, Samuel & Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
Jeane J. Noordhoff (American) [missionary, RCA/Umegasaki; president, American 
Association of Nagasaki]
A. Norman (British) [newspaper manager, Rising Sun and Nagasaki Express; secretary & 
treasurer, Nagasaki Bowling Club; secretary & treasurer, Public Hall]
Harold C. Norman (British) [Clarkson & Co.]
Herbert W.F. Norris (British) [Browne & Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
Walter Miller Norton (British) [Alt & Co.]
Beatrice Nottidge (British) [missionary, CMS]
H. Nutter (British) [Browne & Co.]O


William Oaten (British) [buried in Nagasaki]
Carl F. Oberlein (American) [China & Japan Trading Co.; M. Raspe & Co.]
John J. O'Brien (American) [policeman]
John Officer [C. Brown & Co.]
Samuel A. Officer (American) [China & Japan Trading Co.; secretary & treasurer, Nagasaki 
Bowling Club; secretary, Nagasaki Club]
C.H. Ogston (American) [Case & Co.]
E. Ohrt (German) [consul, German consulate]
Aleksandr E. Olarovsky [Olorovskii] (Russian) [consul, Italian and Russian consulates)
Mary B. Oldridge (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui]
Ole Olesten [buried in Nagasaki]
Oscar Oleysen (American) [buried in Nagasaki]
Herve Olier (French) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
James M. Oliver (American) [retiree; buried in Nagasaki]
Saku I. Oliver (Japanese) [wife of J. Oliver; buried in Nagasaki]
W. Oliver [S.D. Lessner & Co.]
Thomas Olsen (American) [buried in Nagasaki]
Albert Oltmans (American) [missionary, RCA/Tozan]
B. Orjich (Russian) [editor, Volia]
H. Alph. Ortmans (German) [H. Ortmans & Co.]
W. Ostapenko (Russian) [consular official, Russian consulate]
E. Ouorato [Kyushu Mining Co.]
M. Oustinoff (Russian) [acting consul, Russian consulate]
A.R. Ovens (British) [acting consul, British consulate]
H.E. Ovesen (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
D.G. Owen (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.]


G.W. Paalman (Danish) [buried in Nagasaki]
Isador Pacheen (Russian) [buried in Nagasaki]
Agostino Pagnoni (Italaian) [singer; buried in Nagasaki]
J.E. Painter (American) [surgeon, U.S. Naval Depot]
T. Pak (Dutch) [Netherlands Trading Society]
Henry O. Palmer (British) [editor, Nagasaki Press; English instructor, Commercial School; 
died in Nagasaki]
C.H.H. Papendick (American) [merchant]
E.R. Pardon (British) [printer & publisher, editor, Nagasaki Press; editor, Cherry Blossoms; 
instructor, Nagasaki Higher Commercial School; secretary, Seamen's Home; Nagasaki 
College of Commerce]
Edwin Parker (British) [buried in Nagasaki]
Frank Henry Parker (British) [merchant]
Kume Parker (Japanese) [wife of E. Parker; buried in Nagasaki]
Harold G. Parlett (British) [acting consul. British consulate]
M. Paske-Smith (British) [consul, British consulate; vice-president, International Club]
P.W. Pate (British) [Jardine, Matheson & Co.]
G.P. Paton (British) [assistant, British consulate]
J. Patterson (British) [foreman moulder, Imperial Dockyard]
M.E. Paul [physician]
Aristofel Paunzus (Greek) [buried in Nagasaki]
A. Peacock [oil tank manager, Rising Sun Petroleum Co.]
James Pearce (British) [ship's quartermaster; buried in Nagasaki]
John A. Pearne (British) [ship's captain, China; buried in Nagasaki]
Caroline S. Peckham (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui; treasurer, Seamen's Home; 
president, American Association of Nagasaki]
Alfred J. Pedersen (Danish) [superintendent, Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
P.F.V. Pedersen (Danish) [electrician, Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
P.R. Pedersen (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
James Pederson (American) [merchant]
H.V.S. Peeke (American) [missionary, r.C.A.]
Henriqueta S. Peel, Mrs. (Portuguese) [soda water manufacturer, Peel & Co.]
Albert C. Pelu (French) [missionary, SMEP]
Arthur de Perpigna [instructor, Japanese government school]
E. Perrin (French) [missionary, SOM/Kaisei]
John Perry (British) [buried in Nagasaki]
Thomas Perry (British) [buried in Nagasaki]
Edward A. Peter (British) [buried in Nagasaki]
H. Peters [clerk, C.E. Boeddinghaus & Co.]
William H. Peters (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
H.[F.?] Petersen (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
Hans M. Petersen (Norwegian) [boot & shoe maker; proprietor, Albion Hotel; buried in 
Julius V. Petersen (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
N.C.R. Petersen (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
O.L. Petersen (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
V. Petersen (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
Wilhelm N. Petersen (British) [instructor, Commercial School, Fukuoka; buried in Nagasaki]]
Horace L. Peterson (American) [admiral's secretary; buried in Nagasaki]
Bernard Petitjean (French) [missionary, SMEP]
Caroline W. Van Petten (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui]
A. Pettersen (American) [Pettersen & Co.]
J. Pfleger (French) [missionary, SOM/Kaisei/SMG]
Alksandr E. Philippeus [Fillipeus] (Russian) [consul, Russian consulate]
Richard Philipps (British) [clerk, Holme, Ringer & Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
Frank Picard [shipping clerk, Powers & Co.]
John V. Picard (American) [druggist, Picard & Co.]
Louisa Picard (American/Japanese) [daughter of John Picard and Kagawa Yu; buried in 
Joseph M. Picaut (French) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
John F. Picken [Oriental Hotel]
A. Pieters (Dutch) [Akaunoura factory]
Albertus Pieters (American) [missionary, RCA/Tozan]
Henry K Pieters (American) [son of Albertus Pieters; buried in Nagasaki]
Jennie A. Pieters (American) [missionary, RCA/Umegasaki]
W. Pieters [shoemaker]
W. Pietzcker [agent, W. Pietzecker & Co.]
Charles Pignatel (French) [Pignatel & Co.; vice-consul, French consulate]
Eugene Pignatel (French) [Pignatel & Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
Victor L. Pignatel (French) [Pignatel & Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
John Pike (American) [apothecary, Nagasaki Dispensary; married to Ikebe Fujie]
Eugene Pinaud (French) [soldier; buried in Nagasaki]
G.R. Pinder (British) [major, Chinese army; buried in Nagasaki]
G. Pindermaur (Dutch) [merchant]
Frederick Pine [clerk, Japanese government telegraph]
Ferdinand Piriou (French) [soldier; buried in Nagasaki]
Luigi Pironi (Italian) [proprietor, European Inn]
A.A. Pistorius (Dutch) [Adrian & Co.]
P.E. Pistorius (Dutch, Netherlands Trading Society)
Marcel Pitault (French) [Balmes & Pitault]
Olive Place (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui]
Pauline A. Place (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui]
F. Plate (Dutch) [Adrian & Co.; Van Delden & Co.]
Alfred W. Playfair (British) [consul, British consulate]
A. Plesner (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
M. Plessis (French) [missionary, SMEP]
Francois Plever (French) [ship's quartermaster; buried in Nagasaki]
Margaret Plimpton (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui]
J. van der Ploeg (Dutch) [merchant]
Guillaume Poisson (French) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Jean Francois Poirier (French) [missionary, SMEP]
L. Van de Pol (Dutch) [Netherlands Trading Society; shopkeeper]
H. Polano (Dutch) [Netherlands Trading Society]
Zinovii M. Polianovsky (Russian) [assistant, consul, Russian consulate]
J.L.C. Pompe van Meerdervoord (Dutch) [physician]
H.A. Poole (American) [Standard Oil of New York]
W.W. Popoff (Russian) [instructor, Nagasaki High Commercial School]
Vernon B. Porter (American) [merchant]
J.J. van der Pot (Dutch) [consul, Netherlands, Italy, Sweden/Norway; Netherlands Trading 
Society; manager, Takashima Colliery]
Frederick A. Potter (British) [superintendent, Takashima Colliery; mining engineer, Miike 
Charles P. Pounds (British) [police force]
Edward B. Powell (British) [lot renter]
Sydney J. Powell (British) [infant son E. Powell; buried in Nagasaki]
John R. Powers (American/Japanese) [Powers & Co.; Holme, Ringer & Co.; buried in 
Rodney H. Powers (American) [A. Kassburg & Co.; marshal, U.S. consulate; manager, Belle 
Vue Hotel; Powers & Co.; secretary & treasurer, Nagasaki Bowling Club; steam bakery; 
auctioneer; secretary & treasurer, Public Hall; buried in Nagasaki]
J. Prentice (British) [Boyd & Co.]
H. Present (American) [buried in Nagasaki]
W.H. Price (American) [assistant manager, China & Japan Trading Co.; secretary & 
treasurer, Nagasaki Club]
Alexander L. Prunier (French) [merchant; buried in Nagasaki]
A.J. Pumfrett (British) [Jardine, Matheson & Co.]
F.[E.?] Puthod (French) [missionary, SMEP]
Frederick C. Pyne (British) [Imperial Japanese Goverment Telegraph; buried in Nagasaki]
Joseph Pyne (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]


John J. Quin (British) [interpreter, consul, British consulate]


Bertrand Ragsdale (American) [marshal, U.S. consulate, Tientsin; buried in Nagasaki]
E. Raguet (French) [missionary, SMEP]
Joao Raimundo (Portuguese) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Benjamin Rainbow (British) [Dent & Co.; Rainbow, Lewis & Co.]
James M. Rainbow (British) [Dent & Co.; Rainbow, Lewis & Co.]
T. Rainford (British) [Boyd & Co.]
Richard Ralph (American) [soldier; buried in Nagasaki]
Athony Rambach (American) [instructor, Kaisei; Telegraph School]
Celeste [Charles] Rambach (French) [instructor, Kaisei; director, Jinjo Middle School; Jinjo 
Elementary School; Telegraph School; Nagasaki College of Commerce]
Irving W. Rand (American) [assistant surgeon, U.S. Army Hospital]
G.E. Raoult (French) [missionary]
R. Raphael (British) [Boyd & Co.]
E. Raquet (French) [missionary, SMEP]
Carl Rasch (German) [Textor & Co.]
M. Raspe (German) [M. Raspe & Co.]
N.A. Raspopoff (Russian) [assistant, Russian consulate]
S. Raymond (French) [missionary, SOM/Kaisei]
A. Reddelien (German/American protection) [A. Reddelien & Co.]
G. Reddelien (German/American protection) [ L. Kniffler & Co.]
F.B. Reece (British) [Jardine, Matheson & Co.]
Joseph Reed (British) [soldier; buried in Nagasaki]
David Rees (British) [Takashima Colliery; buried in Nagasaki]
A. Regaffre (French) [Thomas & Bonafoux]
T.W. Reichell (British) [overseer, Takashima Colliery]
J.G. Reid (British) [draughtsman, Mitsubishi]
N.B. Reid (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.; secretary & treasurer, Nagasaki Rowing & Athletic 
C. dos Remedios (French) [missionary, SOM/Kaisei]
T.A. Renaut (French) [missionary, SMEP]
J.B. Rentiers (British) [first assistant, British consulate]
William Renwick (British) [physician; teacher, Imperial School]
Joachim A. Repenn [Maltby & Co.]
Joseph M. Reuber (American) [instructor, Kaisei]
A.J.F. Revello [Boulangerie Francais]
Henry A. Reynolds (British) [Korean Customs Service, Pusan; buried in Nagasaki]
Janus Rhijnhoud (Dutch) [constable; merchant; buried in Nagasaki]
J.L. Rhode (Danish) [supervisor, Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
C. Rhodes (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.]
A. Rhys (British) [overseer, Takashima Colliery]
M.E. Ribeiro (Portuguese) [newspaper, Nagasaki Printing Office]
L. Ribot (French) [missionary, SOM/Kaisei]
H. Richard (French) [missionary, SMEP]
Virgile Richard (French) [soldier; buried in Nagasaki]
Clara B. Richards (American) [missionary, RCA]
John Richards (British) [buried in Nagasaki]
J.T. Richardson (American) [buried in Nagasaki]
William Richardson (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
John Richeson (British) [buried in Nagasaki]
Julia Richmond (British) [buried in Nagasaki]
Max Richter (German) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Robert Rickerns (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
C. Richter (German) [Kunst & Albers]
Charles Riddle (British) [Mitsubishi Steam Ship Co.]
M.H.W. Riege (German) [clerk, C.E. Boeddinghaus & Co.]
Emile Riegert (French) [soldier; buried in Nagasaki]
Archibald E. Rigby (American) [missionary, MEC/Chinzei]
Fred E. E. Ringer (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.]
Frederick Ringer (British) [Glover & Co.; Holme, Ringer & Co.]
Michael C.G. Ringer (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.; Wuriu Shokai]
Sydney A. Ringer (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.; Wuriu Shokai]
Vanya Ringer (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.; Wuriu Shokai]
F. Rischof[f] (Russian?) [proprietor, Belle Vue Hotel]
George E. Rice (American) [American Trading Co.]
David Roach (American) [China & Japan Trading Co.]
A. Roberts (British) [missionary, CMS]
T. Roberts (British) [Bell & Co.]
David F. Robertson (British) [Lloyd's Surveyor; British Government Marine Surveyer; D.F. 
Robertson & Co.]
John L. Robertson (British) [buried in Nagasaki]
P. Robertson (British) [Diers, Hughes & Co.]
Russell B. Robertson (British) [consular official, British consulate]
T. Robertson (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.]
William Robertson (British) [foreman engineer, Nicolson & Co.]
W.M. Robinet (American) [ship captain; Case & Co.; China & Japan Trading Co.]
Albert Robinson (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Charles H. Robinson (British) [storekeeper; buried in Nagasaki]
B.V. Rodrigues (Portuguese) [compositor, Nagasaki Gazette; Cosmopolitan Press]
Victor Roehr [Rohr] (German) [L. Kniffler & Co.; Reddelein & Co.; acting consul, Netherlands]
C.J. Roetteken (Dutch) [military ship's surgeon; buried in Nagasaki]
Edward Rogers (British) [China & Japan Trading Co.]
Frederick Rogers (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
R.M. Rolfe (American) [quartermaster, U.S. Army Depot)]
C.L. Romar (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
W.C. Rorthals (Dutch) [Netherlands Trading Society]
A.B. Rosenfeld [S.D. Lessner & Co.]
P. Rosoman (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.]
Nikolai A. Rospopoff [Rospopov] (Russian) [consul, Russian consulate]
Michael Ross (American) [buried in Nagasaki]
William M. Ross (British) [hairdresser; buried in Nagasaki]
J. Rossellet (French) [Gaymans & Co.]
Robert Roth (American) [commission agent, Shanghai; buried in Nagasaki]
Marc Marie de Rotz (French) [missionary, SMEP]
Jean Marie Roue (French) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
A.M. Roussel (French) [missionary, SMEP]
M. Rousset (French) [missionary]
John H. Rowe (American) [missionary, SBC]
R.L. Rowe (American) [Standard Oil of New York]
A.A. da Roza (Portuguese) [Jardine, Matheson & Co.]
Grisha Rubinstein (German) [buried in Nagasaki]
Olga Rudakova (Russian) [J. Curnow & Co.]
David C. Ruigh (American) [missionary, RCA/Tozan; president, American Association of 
F.X. Rusch (French) [missionary, SOM/Kaisei/SMG]
P. Rumine (Russian) [consul, Russian consulate]
Leocadie S. Russel (Russian) [wife of N. Russel; buried in Nagasaki]]
Mary Russel (American) [daughter of Nicolai and Leocadie Russel]
Nicholas Russel (American) [physician, editor, Volya]
Albert Russell (British) [J. Curnow & Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
Elizabeth Russell (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui]
J. Russell [buried in Nagasaki]
John Russell (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
M. Russell (British) [J. Curnow & Co.]
Matthew Russell (British) [Boyd & Co.]
Reginald Russell (British) [merchant]
T.C. Russell [proprietor, Occidental Family Hotel; auctioneer]
Thomas Russell (Danish) [superintendent, Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
William B. Russell (British) [commissioner, Chinese Maritime Customs, Swatow; buried in 
L. Ruyter (German) [Schmidt, Westphal & Co.]
William G. Ryckman (American) [rubber broker, NY; buried in Nagasaki]
Stephen W. Ryder (American) [missionary, RCA/Tozan]
Charles Ryley (British) [Alt & Co.; Diers, Hughes & Co.]


L.J. de Sa [Walsh & Co.]
S. Sabatin (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.; Russian Volunteer Fleet]
W.H. Sainton (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.]
Mohamed Salay (Indian/British protection) [buried in Nagasaki]
D.A.L. Saldanha (Portuguese) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Fanny Saliter (American) [buried in Nagasaki]
Marie Amedee Salmon (French) [missionary, SMEP]
George H.C. Salter (American) [teacher, Government School]
Hugh Salter (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Augustine Salvery (French) [proprietor, Boulangerie Francaise; daughter of J. Salvery and 
H. Balmes; buried in Nagasaki]
Edouard Salvery (French) [son of J. Salvery; buried in Nagasaki]
Jean F.A. Salvery (French) [proprietor, Boulangerie Francaise; buried in Nagasaki]
L. Salvery (French) [manager, Hotel de France]
Giuseppe Samariva [Somariva] (Italian) [proprietor, Britannia Tavern; Columbia Bowling
Saloon; Central Hotel]
J. Sambuck [proprietor, Eureka Hotel]
W.F.B. Sams (British) [merchant]
H.F. Sanborn [manager, Cliff House Hotel]
Augustus [Jacob H.A.] Sanders (German/British protection) [warehouse keeper, Schmidt, 
Spahn & Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
F.H. Sanders [Saunders] (British) [Alt & Co.]
Ed. Sandrock (French) [missionary, SOM/SMG]
George B. Sansom (British) [assistant, British consulate)
Adolf Saphiere (Austrian) [S.D. Lessner & Co.; A. Saphiere & Co.]
Tobias S. Saphiere (Austrian) [proprietor, Prince of Wales Inn; Britannia Tavern; son of A. 
L. Saubiac (French) [Parisian Hair Dressing Salon; dressmaker]
Fred. Sauer (French) [missionary, SOM/Kaisei]
M. Sauret (French) [missionary, SMEP]
Chiwa Sawa (Japanese) [wife of R.A. Ford; buried in Nagasaki]
A.G. Schaeffer (British) [Alt & Co.]
Heinrich Schaff (German) [buried in Nagasaki]
J. Schapira (S.D. Lessner & Co.)
A.A. Scherbinin (Russian) [ship's captain]
Christina Scherbinin (Russian) [wife of A.A. Scherbinin; daughter of Chiwa Sawa and R.A. 
Ford; buried in Nagasaki]
George Schneider (American) [missionary, SOM/Kaisei]
Dorothea Schiff (Dutch) [wife of H. Schiff; buried in Nagasaki]
H. Schiff (Dutch) [Adrian & Co.; consul, Danish consulate]
Bertha Schiller (Russian) [wife of G. Schiller; buried in Nagasaki]
Guiseppe Schiller (Russian) [tailor, clothier & shirt maker; buried in Nagasaki]
Symer Schipper (Dutch) [ship's engineer; buried in Nagasaki]
P.A. Schlumberger [Russo-Chinese Bank]
H. Ernst Schmid (American) [physician, PECUS mission]
Karl E. Schmid (British) [interpreter, British consulate]
Adolphe E.O. Schmidt (German/American protection) [A. Schmidt & Co.; Schmidt, Spahn & 
Co.; Schmidt, Westphal & Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
C. Schmidt (German) [Japanese steamship commander; buried in Nagasaki]
M. van Schmidt (German, Lake & Co.)
G. Schneider (French) [missionary, SOM/Kaisei]
James Schon (American) [Powers & Co.]
Heinrich A. Schonnecke [Henry Shanigan] (German) [hotel proprietor, Prussian Eagle; 
Imperial Hotel; constable, German consulate; buried in Nagasaki]
C.A. Schoolmaster [Rising Sun Petroleum Co.]
George A. Schottler (German) [acting consul, North German Federation consulate; Alt & Co.]
O. Schuffenhauer (German) [Grosser & Co.]
J. Schut (German/Dutch protection) [Schut & Co.; Schut, Scheuten & Co.]
Henry B. Schwartz (American) [missionary, MEC/Chinzei]
William L. Schwartz [instructor, Nagasaki Higher Commercial School]
S.S. Schwarz (British) [London Tavern]
R. Schwendenmann (French) [missionary, SOM/Kaisei]
Johana Sciba [Scriba] (German/Japanese) [daughter of Carl and Miwa Scriba; buried in 
George H. Scidmore (American) [consul, U.S. consulate]
Frances E. Scott (British) [buried in Nagasaki]
Frances M. Scott (American) [daughter of F.N. Scott; buried in Nagasaki]
Francis N. Scott (American) [missionary, MEC/Chinzei; president, American Association of 
R.M. Scott (American) [clerk, China & Japan Trading Co.]
Thomas Scott (American) [Lake & Co.)
Carl P.H. Scriba [Sciba] (German) [provision merchant, stevedore, C.P.H. Sciba & Co.; 
buried in Nagasaki]
Hugo R.K. Scriba [Sciba] (German/Japanese) [son of Carl and Miwa Scriba; buried in 
Karl H.W. Scriba [Sciba] (German/Japanese) [son of Carl and Miwa Scriba]
Miwa Scriba [Sciba] (Japanese) [wife of Carl Scriba; Scriba & Co.]
John Scrymgeour (British) [agent, Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank]
W. Seabrook (British) [Mitsubishi Steam Ship Co.]
S. Sedue (French) [missionary, SOM/Kaisei]
H. Selck (British) [Masonic Lodge]
H. Sellien (German) [secretary, German consulate)]
F. Senna (Portuguese) [newspaperman, Nagasaki Express]
Luman J. Shafer (American) [missionary, RCA/Tozan; acting secretary, YMCA)
Luman J. Shafer, Jr. (American) [son of L. Shafer; buried in Nagasaki]
A.H. Shannon [instructor, Nagasaki High Commercial School]
Margaret Sharpe (American) [clerk, U.S. consulate]
A. Shaw (American) [chief clerk, U.S. Army Depot]
F.J. Shaw (British) [missionary, CMS]
John J. Shaw (British) [chief engine draftsman, Mitsubishi)]
William Sheppard (British) [buried in Nagasaki]
J.H. Shoemaker [instructor, Nagasaki Higher Commercial School]
Robert Shufeldt (American) [Naval Commander]
E. Shute [Powers & Co.]
Hiram P. Siebert (American) [soldier; buried in Nagasaki]
Alexander von Siebold (German) [son of P. Von Siebold]
Philip von Siebold (German) [physician]
N.C. Sieburgh (Dutch) [naval officer; buried in Nagasaki]
Antoine Da Silva (Portuguese) [constable, U.S. consulate]
Arnold De Silva (Portuguese) [buried in Nagasaki]
C.I. Da Silva (Portuguese) [Dent & Co.; consular official, Portuguese consulate; Jose 
Loureiro & Co.]
Nathaniel Simmons (American) [proprietor, Oriental Hotel]
E. Simon (German) [interpreter, German consulate]
Marian G. Simons (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui; Oura Community Center]
Maude E. Simons (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui]
C.R. Simpson (British) [Fischer & Co.]
H.P. Simpson (British) [Alt & Co.]
Alexander C. Sin (British) [Nagasaki Medical Hall]
D. Sinclair (British) [Imperial Government Telegraph]
Bartholomeus Sinderam [buried in Nagasaki]
Edouard C. Sirot (French) [infant son of Jean Sirot; buried in Nagasaki]
Jean J. Sirot (French) [J. Gaillard & Co.; proprietor, Hotel de France; buried in Nagasaki]
L.G. Skalsky (Russian) [agent, Russian Volunteer Fleet)]
H.T. Skelding (American) [paymaster, U.S. Naval Depot]
Edgar P.W. Skrimshire (British) [agent, Jardine, Matheson, & Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
Charles J. Skuse (British) [buried in Nagasaki]
Harold Slade (American) [visiting dentist]
A.J. Slagter (refiner) [Rising Sun Petroleum Co.]
R.J. Sloan (British) [physician]
Beril Slotopolsky (Russian) [buried in Nagasaki]
H. Smart (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.]
Hermanes Smit (Dutch) [buried in Nagasaki]
Alexander Smith (British) [ship's sailmaker; buried in Nagasaki]
D. Mc S. Smith [merchant]
Edward Smith (British) [buried in Nagasaki]
Edward W.H. Smith (American) [E.S. Smith & Co.; Powers & Co.; China & Japan Trading Co.; 
son of J.U. and Hannah Smith; buried in Nagasaki]
Eugene S. Smith (American) [Smith, Breen & Co.; E.S. Smith & Co.; son of J.U. and Hannah 
Smith; buried in Nagasaki]
Frank H. Smith (American) [missionary, MEC/Chinzei]
G.L.A. Smith (British, manager, Nagasaki Hotel)
Hannah S. Smith (American) [wife of J.U. Smith; proprietor, Smith's Hotel; buried in Nagasaki]
Ida E.F. Smith (American) [daughter of J.U. and Hannah Smith; buried in Nagasaki]
James Smith (British) [buried in Nagasaki]
J.M. Smith (American) [Walsh & Co.]
J.W. Smith (British) [Glover & Co.]
John C. Smith (British) [Glover & Co.; Holme, Ringer Co.; secretary & treasurer, Theatre 
John G. Smith (British) [lot renter]
John U. Smith (American) [pilot, Smith, Breen & Co.; proprietor, Commercial Hotel; Smith's 
Hotel; buried in Nagasaki]
K. Van R. Smith (American) [Standard Oil of New York]
Katherine Smith (American) [missionary]
Lida B. Smith (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui]
M. Smith (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.; secretary & treasurer, Nagasaki Club]
Oliver Smith (American) [Lake & Co.]
Robert M. Smith (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.]
Thomas Smith (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Wilbur C. Smith (American) [warrant officer, U.S. Army Depot]
William Smith [proprietor, Globe Hotel (bar)]
Henry Snell (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Job Snell (British) [ship's carpenter, partner in M. Fitzgerald & Co.]
G.W. Snyder (American) [buried in Nagasaki]
A. Soden (French) [missionary, SOM/Kaisei]
Gustav Soderquist [Sodergvist] (Danish) [boot & shoe maker; proprietor, Albion Tavern]
J. Solomon [proprietor, Globe Tavern]
A.N.N. Sondeburg (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
Ferdinand Soner (French) [missionary, SOM/Kaisei]
S.J. Sorensen (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
Agnes de Souza (Portuguese) [Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank]
Almiro C. de Souza (Portuguese/Japanese) [Clarendon Restaurant; De Souza & Co.; N. 
Mess & Co.; Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank; son of S.R. de Souza and Hamamoto Shito; buried 
in Nagasaki]
Eurica M. de Souza (Portuguese/Japanese) [daughter of S.R. de Souza and Hamamoto 
Shito; buried in Nagasaki]
Fransisco M. de Souza (Portuguese/Japanese) [infant son of S.R. de Souza and Hamamoto 
Shito; buried in Nagasaki]
Gustav L. de Souza (Portuguese/Japanese) [son of A.C. de Souza; buried in Nagasaki]
I.M. de Souza (Portuguese/Japanese) [De Souza & Co.; son of S.R. de Souza and 
Hamamoto Shito]
Lucia de Souza (Portuguese/Japanese) [infant daughter of S.R. de Souza and Hamamoto 
Shito; buried in Nagasaki]
Pauline de Souza (Portuguese/Japanese) [infant daughter of S.R. de Souza and Hamamoto 
Shito; buried in Nagasaki]
Pedro de Souza (Portuguese/Japanese) [son of S.R. de Souza and Hamamoto Shito; buried 
in Nagasaki]
Simao R. de Souza (Portuguese) [newspaperman, Nagasaki Express, Nagasaki Gazette; 
foreman, Rising Sun and Nagasaki Express; proprietor, Cosmopolitan Press; assistant/
interpreter, U.S. consulate; R.N. Walker & Co.; U.S. Army Transport; buried in Nagasaki]
Stephie de Souza (Portuguese/Japanese) [daughter of S.R. de Souza and Hamamoto Shito; 
buried in Nagasaki]
Vincent de Souza (Portuguese/Japanese) [infant son of S.R. de Souza and Hamamoto 
Shito; buried in Nagasaki]
Henry Spahn (German) [Schmidt, Spahn & Co.]
Carl O. Spamer (American) [consul, U.S. consulate]
Herbert Spear (British) [retired ship's captain; buried in Nagasaki]
Yuki Spear (Japanese) [wife of H. Spear; buried in Nagasaki]
David Spears (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Juris G. Specks (German) [interpreter, German consulate]
D.R. Spedding (American) [merchant]
David S. Spencer (American) [missionary, MEC/Chinzei]
Robert S. Spencer (American) [missionary, MEC/Chinzei; son of D. Spencer]
W. Spencer [proprietor, Snug Inn]
Beller Spottarsword (British) [buried in Nagasaki]
William Springer [merchant]
Clara Spunt (Austrian) [sister of S. Spunt; buried in Nagasaki]]
L. Spunt (Austrian) [M. Ginsburg & Co.]
Sarah D. Spunt [Goldman] (Austrian) [wife of S. Goldman; storekeeper; buried in Nagasaki] 
William Stahlert (German) [buried in Nagasaki]
J. Stambuck [proprietor, International Hotel; Eureka Hotel]
William H. Standring (American) [missionary in China; buried in Nagasaki]
Ora E. Stark (American) [chief clerk, U.S. Army Depot]
Bertha F. Starkey (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui]
L. de St. Aulaire (Dutch) [student interpreter, Dutch consulate]
Francis Steenackers (French) [consul, French consulate]
Eugene Stein (German) [Schmidt, Spahn & Co.]
L. Steinback [proprietor, Brittania Hotel]
J. Steinberg [proprietor, Brittanic Inn]
Joseph S. Steinhard (American) [Nagasaki Hotel; buried in Nagasaki]
Vincent Stephan (French) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Victor Stephant (French) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
S. Stephens [manager, Rising Sun Petroleum Co.]
A.R. Stevenson (American) [Stevenson & Co., Compradore]
Frank Stevenson (American) [chief clerk, U.S. Naval Depot]
J.H. Stevenson (American) [paymaster, U.S. Naval Depot]
W.J. Stevenson (American) [chief clerk, U.S. Naval Depot]
Alexander Stewart (British) [Lloyd's surveyor]
James Stewart (British) [Takashima Colliery; Imperial Japanese Telegraph]
R. Stewart (British) [Takashima Colliery]
N. Stibolt (Danish) [engineer, Boyd & Co.; N. Stibolt & Co.]
N. Stibolt, Mrs. (Danish) [wife of N. Stibolt; miliner]
C.F. Stoddard (British) [assistant mining engineer, Takashima Colliery]
John M. Stoddart (British) [engineer, Takashima Colliery; Mitsubishi; buried in Nagasaki]
F. Stone [Hyver & Co.]
Frederick G. Stone (British) [steward, Nagasaki Club; manager, China & Japan Trading Co.; 
buried in Nagasaki]
Thomas Stone (British) [assistant mechanical engineer, Takashima Colliery]
F.R. Storie (British) [superintendent, Akunoura Engine Works]
Anna B. Stout (American) [missionary, RCA/Umegasaki; daughter of Henry and Elizabeth 
Elizabeth Stout (American) [wife of Henry Stout; buried in Nagasaki]
Henry Stout (American) [missionary, RCA/Tozan; instructor Japanese school; vice-consul, U.
S consulate; buried in Nagasaki]
G.B. Strom (Danish) [Glover & Co.; Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
H. Stroof (German) [Wachtels, Groos & Co.]
P. Strouli (Italian) [P. Bernardi & Co.]
Johann A. Struwe (German) [ship's paymaster; buried in Nagasaki]
Anna K. Stryker (American) [missionary, RCA/Umegasaki]
R.S. Stube (German) [tailor, R. Stube & Co.]
J.J. Stutchbury (British) [Glover & Co.]
A. Suenson (Danish) [superintendent, Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
C. Suenson (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.; R.A. Ford & Co.]
Joe [Motonosuke] Suganuma (Japanese) [post office; YMCA; husband of M. Sugamuna]
Mary A. Suganuma (American birth/Japanese citizenship) [physician, Nagasaki Women's 
Hospital; instructor, Women's High School]
J.T. Sullivan (American) [paymaster, U.S. Naval Depot)]
Carl Sundgrove (Swedish) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Charles Sutton (British) [keeper Nagasaki Club; M.C. Adams & Co.; proprietor, Rising Sun 
and Nagasaki Express; buried in Nagasaki]
Daisy B. Sutton (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui]
George Sutton (British) [M.C. Adams & Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
Gustav Swainsen (Swedish) [Chinese Imperial Maritime Customs, Ningbo; buried in Nagasaki]
A.M. Sweet (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.; Mutabe Coal Co.]
Godfrey L. Swinnerton (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Walter E. Sykes [instructor, Nagasaki Higher Commercial School]
Joseph Symons (British) [buried in Nagasaki]


H.W. Tabor (British) [Alt & Co.; M.C. Adams & Co.]
H. Taeger [proprietor, Wanderer Tavern]
William Martinus van der Tak (Dutch) [merchant]
A. Tanet (French) [Boulangerie Francaise]
C.A. Tanner (American) [merchant]
Frank Taylor (American) [interpreter/vice-consul, U.S. consulate]
George Taylor (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Harriet M. Taylor (American) [mother of M. Taylor; buried in Nagasaki]
John J.K. Taylor (British) [shipwright, blacksmith, Taylor & Co.]
Jane E. Taylor (British) [wife of J.J.K. Taylor; buried in Nagasaki]
Minnie Taylor (American) [missionary, RCA/Tozan]
Peter E. Taylor (American) [buried in Nagasaki]
S.J. Teaze (American) [manager, Standard Oil of New York]
J.M.P.C. Teixeira (Portuguese) [constable; godown keeper, Jose Loureiro & Co.]
B. Teller [S.D. Lessner & Co.]
O. Tenkelsen (Danish) [electrician, Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
J. Tennenbaum [M. Ginsburg & Co.]
Agnes C. Tennent (British) [missionary, CMS]
Zakhar L. Ter-Assaturoff (Russian) [consul, Soviet consulate]
Charlie J. Terry (American) [infant; buried in Nagasaki]
C.J. Textor (German/Dutch protection) [Textor & Co.]
J. Thatcher (British) [R.N. Walker & Co.]
Marian Thayer (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui]
Robert W. Thede [merchant]
P.N. Thevenet (American) [U.S. Army Depot]
Gustav E. Thiede (German) [saloon keeper; buried in Nagasaki]
F. Thiel (German) [acting consul, German consulate]
F. Thiry (French) [missionary, SMEP]
G.R. Thollander [proprietor, European Tavern (European Hotel/European Inn)]
Charles Thomas (French) [baker, Thomas & Bonafoux; Francaise Boulangerie; buried in 
Harriet [Hettie] A. Thomas (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui]
Mary M. Thomas (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui]
William Thomas (American) [proprietor, Falcon Hotel; Hole in the Wall; buried in Nagasaki]
Grace Thomasma (American) [missionary, RCA/Umegasaki]
Everett W. Thompson (American) [missionary, MEC/Cinzei; president, American Association 
of Nagasaki
Fanny L. Thompson (British) [missionary, CMS; buried in Nagasaki]
George H. Thompson (British) [bookkeeper, London Tavern; buried in Nagasaki]
H. Thompson [Falcon Hotel]
Thomas J. Thompson (American) [physician]
V.T. Thompson [tailor]
William Thompson (Danish) [lot renter]
Risher W. Thornberry (American) [manager, Seamen's Home]
H.N. Tileston [acting agent, Pacific Mail Steam Ship Co.]
Walter P.Tillman (American) [agent, Pacific Mail Steam Ship Co.]
E. Tilmore [Lake & Co.]
Arthur E. Tilson [Tilston] (American) [manager, Nagasaki Hotel]
D.H. Tilson [Tillson] (American) [hotel worker]
F. Tipton (British) [general manager, Kyushu Mining Co.]
Felicis D. Tissier (French) [missionary, SMEP; buried in Nagasaki]
S. Tobias [proprietor, Prince of Wales Saloon]
John Toesland (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Frank Tofts (British) [ship's officer; buried in Nagasaki]
Elias Tolman (American) [Walsh & Co.; pilot, Lake & Co.]
F.P. Tombrink (Dutch) [Netherlands Trading Society)]
T.V. Toney (American) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Henry D. Toovey (British) [merchant in Shanghai; buried in Nagasaki]
W. Topping [pilot]
Arthur F. Tower (American) [consul, U.S. consulate; chairman, Nagasaki Club)
J.A. Treadwell (American) [merchant]
N. Trennt (British) [Masonic Lodge]
C. Trentseng [proprietor, European Tavern]
Thomas van Triet (Dutch) [ship's captain; buried in Nagasaki]
A. Troitsky (Russian) [assistant, Russian consulate]
Herman Trotzig (German/British protection) [Arnold & Co.; Glover & Co.]
James Troup (British) [acting consul, British consulate]
J.P. Trousdell (British) [sub-agent, Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank]
George S. Trueman (American) [YMCA]
W.A. Trumbell [quartermaster, U.S. Army Depot]
Thomas Trussell (British) [buried in Nagasaki]
Herbert E. Tuck (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Frank W. Tucker (American) [soldier; buried in Nagasaki]
W. Tullet [W. Tullet & Co., Ship & Engine Smith]
George W. Turner (American) [came to Nagasaki for health reasons]
Irwin Turner (British) [agent, Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank]
John F. Twembly (American) [China & Japan Trading Co.]
J. Twiggley (British) [boiler maker, Nicolson & Boyd]
S.W. Tyler (British) [Glover & Co.]
R.W. Tyson (American) [coal inspector, U.S. Army Depot]
G.E.B. Tytler (British) [Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank]


R. Uhlmann (German) [H. Ahrens & Co.; Kunst & Albers]
A. Ulrich (French) [missionary, SOM/Kaisei]
Johannes M. Umland (German) [hotel proprietor, Prussian Eagle; Imperial Hotel; buried in 
Thomas Underwood (British) [storekeeper, Underwood & Co.; proprietor, Occidental Billiard 
Bowling Saloon; proprietor, Occidental Family Hotel]
F. Upton [foreign manager, Karatsu Bussan Kaisha]
Angela M. Urso (Italian/Japanese) [daughter of C.F. Urso; buried in Nagasaki]
Camilio Urso (Italian/Japanese) [son of C.F. Urso; buried in Nagasaki]
Carlo F. Urso (Italian) [compradore, Urso & Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
Elena Urso (Italian/Japanese) [daughter of C.F. Urso; buried in Nagasaki]
Frances A. Urso (Italian/Japanese) [daughter of C.F. Urso; buried in Nagasaki]
Franke Urso (Italian/Japanese) [son of C.F. Urso; buried in Nagasaki]
Henry Urso (Italian/Japanese) [son of C.F. Urso; buried in Nagasaki]
Luigino Urso (Italian/Japanese) [son of C.F. Urso; buried in Nagasaki]
Niwa Urso (Italian/Japanese) [daughter of C.F. Urso; buried in Nagasaki]
Madelena Urso (Italian/Japanese) [daughter of C.F. Urso; buried in Nagasaki]
Maria A. Urso (Italian/Japanese) [daughter of C.F. Urso; buried in Nagasaki]
Matsuyo Urso (Italian/Japanese) [daughter of C.F. Urso; buried in Nagasaki]
Take M. Urso (Japanese) [wife of C.F. Urso; buried in Nagasaki]
Uzenio Urso (Italian/Japanese) [son of C.F. Urso; buried in Nagasaki]
John P. Usphymsph (American) [buried in Nagasaki]


Jules J. Vachier (French) [commission agent, J. Vachier & Co.; vice-consul, French 
consulate; acting consul, Brazil; agent, L'Air Liquide; acting consul, Belgium; buried in 
Milton S. Vail (American) [missionary, MEC/Chinzei]
Henri J. Valand (French) [soldier; buried in Nagasaki]
Rigby D. Valliant (American) [quartermaster, U.S. Army Depot]
V. Vastapper [proprietor, Scandanavian Inn; Star Inn]
F. Veillon (French) [missionary, SMEP]
L. Veksler [M. Ginsburg & Co.]
Kyllikki Vellroos (Russian) [infant; buried in Nagasaki]
Emma J. Verbeck (American) [infant daughter of G. Verbeck; buried in Nagasaki]
Guido Verbeck (American) [missionary, RCA; interpreter, U.S. consulate; instructor, 
Japanese School]
George Vernon (American) [paymaster's clerk, U.S. Naval Depot]
P.A. Verstappen (Belgian) [merchant]
R. Vhemann (German) [Kunst & Albers]
Guilherme F. Vianna (Portuguese) [Jose Loureiro & Co.]
William T. Vigary (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
C. Vigroux (French) [missionary, SOM/Kaisei]
A. Villion (French) [missionary, SMEP]
Govone A.H. Vincent (French) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Percy C. Vincent (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.; constable, shipping clerk, British consulate; 
coal merchant, Ishino & Co.]
A. Visscher van Gaasbeck (Dutch) [Adrian & Co.; Van Delden & Co.]
M. Vitiello (Italian) [Kyushy Mining Co.]
Gerardus Van der Vlies (Dutch) [proprietor, Belle Vue Hotel; Smith's Hotel; buried in 
Louis V. Vogelweid (American) [clerk, U.S. consualte]
C.W. Volkeren (Danish) [Great Northern Telegraph Co.]
A.D. Voloshine (Russian) [physician, Russian Naval Hospital]
Zanoni Volpicelli (Italian) [buried in Nagasaki]
A.C. J. Vreedenberg (Dutch) [Akunoura factory]
W.F. Vusnell (Dutch) [Akunoura factory]
Capt. F. Howard Vyse (British) [consul, British consulate]


Henri P.M. Wachtels (Dutch) [Gaymans & Co.]
David Waddell (British) [shipping clerk, British consulate]
J.S. Waddell (British) [shipping clerk, British consulate]
Reuben Wade (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Emma Wake (British) [infant daughter of H. Wake; buried in Nagasaki]
Henry Wake (British) [foreman, Takashima Colliery]
G. Wakeman (British) [buried in Nagasaki]
Annie Walker (British/Japanese) [daughter of R.N. Walker; wife of Ellwood Babbit]
J.S. Walker (American) [Socony (Standard Oil Co. of New York) Vacuum Co.]
John R. Walker (British) [R.N. Walker & Co.; assistant clerk, Chinese Eastern Railway Co.; 
son of R.N. Walker]
Margaret Walker (British/Japanese) [daughter of R.N. Walker; wife of W.O. Watts]
Robert N. Walker (British) [pilot; R.N. Walker & Co.; Banzai Aerated Water Factory]
Robert Walker, Jr. (British/Japanese) [R.N. Walker & Co.; Walker Gomei Kaisha; buried in 
Sato [Fukuda] Walker (Japanese) [wife of R.N. Walker]
Wilson Walker (British) [Inland Sea captain; proprietor, Cliff House Hotel; buried in Nagasaki]
Wilson Walker, Jr. (British) [manager, Cliff House Hotel]
A.W.W. Walkinshaw (British) [agent, Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank]
James H. Wallace (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.]
P. Wallace [W.D. Wentworth & Co.]
Ernest N. Walne (American) [missionary, SBC]
John Walsh (American) [Walsh & Co.; consul, U.S. consulate]
Richard J. Walsh (American) [Walsh & Co.; vice-consul, U.S. consulate]
Nicolas Walter (American) [missionary, SOM/Kaisei]
A. Walters [Board of Trade Hotel]
Anthony Walvoord (American) [missionary, RCA/Tozan; buried in Nagasaki]
H. Raymond Wansey (British) [missionary, CMS]
Oras Wanson (Danish) [buried in Nagasaki]
F. Ward (British) [Imperial Government Telegraph]
John N. Wardrop (British) [recent resident of British North Borneo; buried in Nagasaki]
N.A. Ware (American) [physician; buried in Nagasaki]
William Warren (American) [proprietor, Commercial Hotel]
A.O. Warrick [Rising Sun Petroleum Co.]
J. Waters (British) [Hall, Holtz & Co.]
T.J. Wates (British) [mechanical engineer, Takashima Colliery]
Dudley Watrous (British) [son of D.S. Watrous; buried in Nagasaki]
George S. Watrous (British) [manager, China & Japan Trading Co.; acting vice-consul, 
Swedish consulate]
W.N. Watt (British) [merchant]
A.C. Watts (American) [Case & Co.]
William O. Watts (American) [chief clerk, U.S. Army Depot]
J.T. Wawn (British) [acting consul, British consulate]
Hugh F. Webber (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
A.R. Weber (German) [L. Kniffler & Co.]
James Webster (British) [Rainbow, Lewis & Co.; Holme, Ringer & Co.]
J. Wedler (British) [proprietor, British Queen Saloon]
C.A. Welch (American) [China & Japan Trading Co.; Adams & Co.]
James Wells (British) [Lake & Co.; proprietor, New Club House; hairdresser; died in Nagasaki]
N.L. Wells [manager, Rising Sun Petroleum Co.]
Wilheln Wendt (German) [ship's captain; buried in Nagasaki]
F. Wengel (British) [merchant]
Miki Wentworth (Japanese) [wife of W.H.D. Wentworth; buried in Nagasaki]
William H.D. Wentworth (British) [R.N. Walker & Co.; Wentworth & Co.; Kyushu Stevedorage 
Co.; Holme, Ringer & Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
H. Werber (German) [violin teacher]
Ralph E. West (American) [missionary, MEC/Chinzei]
T.D. Westcott (British) [manager, Rising Sun Petroleum Co.; Holme, Ringer & Co.]
George Westphal (German) [Schmidt, Westphal & Co.; consul, North German Federation]
Rebecca E. Wetherell (British) [wife of Capt. R.H. Wetherell; buried in Nagasaki]
Harvey A. Wheeler (American) [missionary, MEC/Chinzei]
Anna L. White (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui; president, American Association of 
C. White [police force]
John White (British) [pilot; buried in Nagasaki]
Jonas White (American) [manager, Seamen's Home]
Oswald White (British) [consul, British consulate]
Thomas B. White (American) [M.C. Adams & Co.]
R. Whitehall (British) [buried in Nagasaki]
David W. Whitehead (British) [infant; buried in Nagasaki]
W. Whitely (American) [coal inspector; buried in Nagasaki]
Harry Whitemore (American) [buried in Nagasaki]
James H. Whitshed (British) [naval commander; buried in Nagasaki]
Percy G. Whitthall (British) [Ryle Holme; agent, Jardine, Matheson & Co.]
William Whitton (British) [ship's captain; buried in Nagasaki]
Kernam D. Whitworth (American) [English instructor, Commercial School; YMCA]
Alexander Wicks (American) [son of C. Wicks; died in Nagasaki]
Caroline Wicks [Weeks/Wickes] (American) [hotel proprietor, Royal Hotel; buried in Nagasaki]
William H. Widger (British) [ship's cook; buried in Nagasaki]
Hendrik de Wijn (Dutch) [ship's captain; buried in Nagasaki]
Gustav Wilckens (German/American protection) [R. Arnold & Co.; Nickel & Co.; buried in 
W. Wilke (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Channing M. Williams (American) [missionary, PECUS]
Charles M. Williams (British) [ship's engineer; buried in Nagasaki]
G.P. Williams [Frazar & Co.]
J. Williams (American) [yeoman, U.S. Naval Depot]
James L. Williams (British) [proprietor, Imperial Hotel; Land We Live Inn Restaurant; buried 
in Nagasaki]
Rita M. Williams (British/Japanese) [daughter of J.L. Williams and Kono Cho; buried in 
A.S. Williamson (British) [surveyor, Lloyd's Register of Shipping]
W.S. Wills (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.]
A.E. Willsher (British) [manager, Nagasaki Hotel]
A. Wilm (Russian) [consular official, Russian consulate]
W. Wilmer (British) [Browne & Co.]
A.W. Wilson (British) [J. Wilson & Co.]
J. Wilson (British) [stevedore, J. Wilson & Co.]
J.H. Wilson (British) [Boyd & Co.]
W.K. Wilson (British) [Browne & Co.; secretary & treasurer, Public Hall]
John E. Winn (American) [Walsh & Co.]
H. Winner [watchmaker]
J. Winter (manager) [Rising Sun Petroleum Co.]
A. Winterbottom [Rising Sun Petroleum Co.]
Leonard Winzen [Winzel] (German) [proprietor, Commercial Inn; Victoria Tavern; Cook's 
Hotel; Club Hotel]
Louisa Withers (British) [infant daughter of Capt. William and Clare Withers; buried in 
J.K. de Witt (Dutch) [consul, Dutch consulate]
I. Wolf (German) [C.E. Boeddinghaus & Co.]
C.H.H. Wolff (American) [missionary, RCA]
Gregory de Wollant (Russian) [consul, Russian consulate]
E.J. Wolters [Wolthers] (Dutch, employee, Germania Hotel; London Tavern; buried in 
J.W Wolthers [chief officer, Takashima Tug Boat]
R.W.H. Wood (British) [Jardine, Matheson & Co.]
W.M. Wood (British) [Holme, Ringer & Co.]
George H. Woodfall (British) [son of H. Woodfall, Shanghai; buried in Nagasaki]
James F. Woodford (British) [Lake & Co.; buried in Nagasaki]
Edward Woolett (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
W.W. Woodhull (American) [paymaster, U.S. Navy Depot]
William Woods [Wood?] (British) [stevedore's assistant; buried in Nagasaki]
F.W. Woodsworth [instructor, Commercial School]
R.H.S. Woodward (British) [lot renter]
W.A. Woolley (British) [consular official, British consulate]
Hugo E. Worbs (British) [H. Ahrens & Co.; Kunst & Albers; buried in Nagasaki]
Thomas Wosely (British) [buried in Nagasaki]
Alexander Wright (British) [Gribble & Co.; Alt & Co.; Hunt & Co.; Wright & Co.]
George Wright (British) [seaman; buried in Nagasaki]
Herbert M. Wright (British) [Alt & Co.]
James H. Wright (British) [lot renter]
S.W. Wyndham (British) [ship's captain; buried in Nagasaki]
C.H. Wyville [auctioneer]
Gen. A. de Wywodzeff (Russian) [consul, Russian consulate]

-X-  -Y-  -Z-

Suma Yamada (Japanese) [wife of Jean Madeira; buried in Nagasaki]
J. Yastreboff (Russian) [physician, Russian Naval Hospital]
John Young (British) [engineer, Nicolson & Boyd; buried in Nagasaki]
Mariana Young (American) [missionary, MEC/Kwassui; president, Seamen's Home]
Whitney Young (American) [vice-consul, U.S. consulate]
George Zafiropolos (Greek) [Express Tavern]
C. van Zameren (Dutch) [merchant]
Jacob van Zameren (Dutch) [shipchandler, general storekeeper; buried in Nagasaki]
Giovani Zancolo (British) [proprietor, Eureka Hotel; buried in Nagasaki]
Fritz von Zander (German) [acting consul, German consulate; buried in Nagasaki]
J.M. Zoetermeer (Dutch)[seaman; buried in Nagasaki]


Abbreviations Used:

AMB = Australian Baptist Mission 
CMS = Church Missionary Society [Anglican Church]
MEC = Methodist Epscopal Church
PECUS = Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States
RCA = Reformed Chuch in America
SBC = Southern Baptist Convention
SMEP = Societe des Missions-Etrangeres de Paris [Roman Catholic Church]
SOM = Society of Mary [Roman Catholic Church]
SMG = Sei Maria Gakuen 

Mission Schools Listed:

Chinzei (Methodist Boys' School)
Kwassui (Methodist Girls' School)
Tozan [Steele Academy] (Reformed Church Boys' School)
Umegasaki [Sturges Seminary] (Reformed Church Girls' School)
Kaisei (Catholic Boys' School)